Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pineleaf Milkweed

This is a plant that I purchased later on in the summer.  It reminds me of rosemary and has that same bushy look as well.  Surprisingly, it has done extremely well in the garden and survived our bitter cold spells.  I didn't place this plant in direct sun and it seems to do well with 4 hours of morning sun.  It has nice white blooms and attracts the monarch caterpillar.  I had one in October on the plant and I got really excited about the discovery.  Going through my photos on file, I discovered that I didn't snap a pic like I thought I had so I can't share a pic with you on that wonderful moment.  In any case, this is a reliable plant to have in your garden and it adds a nice look when mixed in with other plants. It's upright and bushy.  It's a good xeriscape plant.  It is considered a small to medium evergreen perennial shrub; green in color, it has leaves resembling pine tree needles. Butterflies are attracted to it...especially Monarchs.

Height: Evergreen succulent shrub growing to 2 - 5 feet tall and about 4 feet wide.
Flowers: The flowers are in clusters that are white in color.
Blooming Time: April - November.
Leaves: Linear, pine needle-like leaves densely line the stems. They bear a 2 inch long, seed tear shaped, seed capsule.
Habitat: Desert washes, creosote bush scrub. An ideal xeriscape landscape plant in Arizona.


My hope in providing these links is to extend your resources for our Desert Southwest climate.  If it's one thing, I've learned about gardening, it takes a community to educate and share knowledge. Gardeners are constantly learning something new. Until next time.....

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  1. I had some of that before I knew what it was. I saw it on our church grounds, and moved some into the flower bed there that I took care of. I also brought some home, but I don't remember how long it lived. I am taking over that flower bed at church again. The person who had it last took some of the things I had in there, and put some things in that I wouldn't have. I was working on planting things that could handle the dry heat, as the bed is surrounded by concrete. I hope some of the pineleaf milkweed comes back. Yours sure is looking great!

    I'm currently waiting for more tree cutting estimates. One came today, and said the tree was too big for his equipment.


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