Saturday, March 5, 2011

Highway 1, California

If you travel to California and have some time, I highly recommend taking Highway One down the coast from San Francisco to Santa Barbara....maybe even explore off this famous highway as the roads that branch off it are just as beautiful and memorable. What will you see?  Beautiful coastlines.  Incredible rock formations.  Butterfly coves(Santa Cruz).  A world famous aquarium(Monterrey). Seals.  Diverse plant life. Surfers(water can be very cold at times). Beautiful sunsets.  Waterfalls(Big Sur).  Luxury homes on cliffs. Wonderful hikes up and around cliffs. Fresh ocean air. Beautiful plant shops(Half Moon Bay).  Secret, tucked away communities(Carmel).  Maybe a whale or two off in the distance during the seasonal whale migration. Bird islands. The swallows of San Luis Obispo.

Santa Cruz
Explore. Smile. Create memories. Discover. Life is about adventures at home and around the world.


  1. I have traveled a bit on that highway
    when my son lived in San Francisco
    loved Carmel but the best for me was a stop along the way at Monterrey..collecting sea glass
    He now lives in Laguna Beach
    2 kids, a dog and a whole lot of work
    It is a beautiful State

  2. I have also traveled on hwy 1. It is very beautiful! So much to see and do like you said. I love California!


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