Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The University of San Diego

Both of these plants featured in the above picture can be grown in Tucson.  The pink leaf plant is bougainvillea and the bushy leafy plant is the Bear's Breech(or Grecian Urn plant).  I enjoy how both these plants compliment each other.
During a visit to an AP Spanish conference, we spent a week exploring the beautiful city of San Diego.  This summer, after Panama, we are travelling back to San Diego for the ComicCon convention and I'll be taking my camera on location for several wonderful shots around this incredibly lush city. I may be a little jealous about what people can garden here.  The city of San Diego really has the perfect climate for lush beautiful gardens.  Everytime I go to visit, I'm just in awe at people's yards.  Each one is a masterpiece....some designs are Mediterranean, others are tropical, while others mimic our desert southwest. 

So everyday, as I sat in class, I just stared outside at the incredible plants moving to that nice ocean breeze.  The University of San Diego has some magnificent landscaping on their property.  It's situated next to Old Town which is another gardening highlight in town.  While I love San Diego and their lovely gardens, I'm glad to be in Tucson.  The city is afterall located in the very busy and crowded state of California. I've always thought that California was a place to visit and not a place to live. This Wisconsin hobbit needs his space and quiet! So while their gardens are amazing next to that sparkling blue ocean, I'll take the beautiful sunsets of the mountainess desert southwest anyday. In the meantime, just look at the incredible colors against the buildings.  I love how the bougainvillea frames the entrance here. Until next time....


  1. Bougainvillea is beautiful. I have fond memories of visiting San Diego many years ago. Your blog background is very colourful, but I'd recommend a solid middle panel, since the left sidebar is almost unreadable.

  2. Garden Lily, thanks for subscribing!! I hope you enjoy the writes and adventures. Thank you for the advice. I've been meaning to do this for awhile and for some reason, I couldn't find the sidebar background....but it's done and much better. I appreciate your feedback and look forward to reading your blog. Chris Rohrer


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