Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Posture of Gratitude

Remember the early posting of the "bird droppings" and how I said I didn't have a pic to show them as the butterfly yet?
Well today during my daily journal of the garden, one of them came to visit me at the window where I daydream.  They are all grown up now and flying around the garden today. 
It landed on the bamboo and I think waited for me to get my camera and snap off a couple shots.  I think it stopped by to "thank me" for not squashing it when I found it on my citrus plant. What a wonderful gift!:)
The Swallowtail staring at me from my window.


  1. Wonderful! You got some of them too! Isn't it fun to know you have your own 'home-grown' butterflies?

  2. What a great photo!
    A beautiful thank you indeed.

  3. Yes, what a wonderful gift of nature! Amazing how things work out sometimes.

  4. Yes i can relate with you in that area about those butterflies. I wish you can see the butterflies in our area, there's a lot, actually i posted them before the present. I think there are more species in tropical climes because of biodiversity, lots of plants to eat here, compared to the temperate areas like yours where they have limited food.

  5. I was hoping for a swallowtail. Thank you!


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