Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day Dreams.......

 Yesterday a rain storm hit us....It was a nice surprise here in Tucson.  Here's a shot of my cat looking out onto the side garden.

Luna and Aurora


  1. Your cats are beautiful!
    I love the shot of the one watching out the window. And, all those cactus plants out there look great.

  2. Lucky you. You got rain and all we got is dust. Your window looks like a beautiful place to gaze through and daydream.

  3. Nice view of your cacti. Aurora looks like a big cat. Luna and Aurora are wonderful names :-)

  4. Luna and Aurora are both lovely. There was a time when I looked for a photo of a white cat and a black cat so that I could put them in my post as I don't have cats to photograph. In the end, I settled with a photoless poem.

    You consider storms as nice surprises????

  5. We don't get storms often and so when we do, everyone gets excited here:) I giggle to myself about the white and black cat comment. My black cat Cassie and the white cat Luna can't stand each other...the thought of them posing for a picture together is funny:)
    Aurora looks big but it's her hair that gives the appearance...however she is a strong kitty:)


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