Friday, October 15, 2010

The Castor Report

Well...why am I so fascinated by a weed?  I don't know.  I really don't. But there is something very cool about this plant that won't die....... no matter what happens!  It needs sun...and it can take the heat here....boy was I shocked AND if it doesn't get the sun, it doesn't grow very well. 

These plants are currently taller than I am and I am having to reach to clip dried pods off.  Inside each pod are 3 seeds that I have been giving away because there are so many of them.  I can see how this would be invasive in places like Florida....what a nightmare! But here, they aren't a threat.

Here is the smaller plant with my old camera....

This summer we had a terrible storm and it knocked these guys down to the ground.  I used concrete blocks to bring them back up again and I thought I had lost them....but I didn't!!  I've heard these things can become trees, but I do believe our frost will end their lives.  From 4 seeds grew these monstrosities and from 4 seeds, I have been given hundreds more to share and put in ziploc bags. I think this plant will stay in the gardens as it has passed the tests of nature:)

Side Note: I don't really do these wordless pic days, but you'll notice I do them with videos. One of the things growing up that I loved was sitting with my Grandparents watching CBS Sunday Morning. At the end of each broadcast, a quiet montage is made where there isn't any talking....just pure silent beauty and that is why I put these mini vids on the blogs. There is something very relaxing about just taking a moment from the day and capturing it on film. I'm getting better with them.  My first attempts were pretty rocky....well, I think when I started blogging, like many people, I didn't know a lot about how to begin the experience, but I am learning and getting better with my camera and organization. 


  1. Hi! I think you may already know but just in case you don't, this is the most poisonous plant in the world. It's in the Guinness Book Of World Records. One of my neighbor has this plant and his dog died. He was found digging the soil and chewing the roots before he fell ill. The seeds are very toxic too.

  2. That's terrible!! Well I have to admit, knowing it was poisonous before I planted it, I purposely put it on the outside of the gates to keep the bad people out....the ones that like to jump the wall and it's been doing quite the job:)

  3. Oh, I like the large size of those Caster leaves. Most of the plants around here that thrive in full sun have tiny leaves.

  4. It sure is pretty for a weed. I guess you have to beware of the pretty ones!

  5. I love the look of them, but hesitated because I had read that they were so poisonous. But I've read differing reports that many of our other common garden plants are just as poisonous, and since I don't have pets who may try to eat them, I'm really considering growing them. They look so tropical (for Vancouver, Canada) and I love the big size (since my yard is also very large). Yours are beautiful.


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