Friday, April 5, 2013

Furry Finds

Elk from the Grand Canyon
It's not always about the birds, plants or landscapes.  Sometimes it's about the furry critters great and small that we find on the trails.  Here are just several from the various photo shoots around Arizona and Colorado.  Spying on birds has led me to these wonderful mammals by accident.  Many times they are unaware that I am near.  Birds will fly around people, but mammals hide. Most of these shots were taken in the absence of humankind. Do you have a special encounter?  And if so, which critter was it? And where did it happen?  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  Chris
Gray Squirrel at Ramsey Canyon

Rock Squirrel at Box Canyon

Coyote near the Santa Cruz River, Tucson

Javelina in Patagonia, AZ

Antelope Ground Squirrel at Saguaro National Park, Rincon Unit

Bobcats in the shade.  Tucson, AZ

Bighorn Sheep at the Desert Museum, AZ

Mountain Lion at the Desert Museum, AZ

Ocelot at the Desert Museum, AZ

Mule Deer in Yarnell, AZ

Hooded Skunk on the Proctor Trail, Madera Canyon, AZ

Coati, Madera Canyon

Red Fox at Bear Creek Nature Center, Colorado Springs

Sonoran Pronghorn, Empire Ranch near Sonoita

Jackrabbit at Saguaro National Park

Mexican Fox Squirrel, Portal, AZ

Coues White-tailed Deer near Ramsey Canyon

Feral Cat, El Presidio Gardens, Tucson

Feral Cats checking out the bird feeders at El Presidio


  1. Excellent furry photos Chris! Great job!

  2. really great finds. love the javelina, bighorns, fox, etc. etc. :)

  3. You've been getting around and seeing a whole lot more than birds. Nice shots. I want to see a Coati.

  4. Dear Kreesh, they are all lovely, but i am more attracted to the third shot! Maybe it is the composition. I am envious that you have still a lot of wild animals to see in your walks. Last weekend we went to a nearby "forested" areas to hopefully see the monkeys on the move. My nephew saw them the previous week and he was so fascinated with their numbers and with the youngsters on attached to the mothers. But we were not lucky this time, hoping we can go there again next time.

  5. Dobrze, że nie tylko w górę patrzyłeś, gdzie były ptaki. Spotkane futrzaki też są cudowne. Do skunksa chyba bym nie podeszła za blisko :). Pozdrawiam.
    It is good that not only looked up, where they were birds. Encountered felines are also wonderful. For skunk probably would not have walked too close :). Yours.

  6. Nice photos Chris :) My two favourite encounters with mammals were a badger ambling down a field at dusk when we were on the Isle of Wight and some of the Red Squirrel encounters in the Lake District :) Wildlife can give some very special unforgettable moments :)

  7. Nice encounters like everyone would like to have of course! But none of the above do appear in front of my camera here in Tournefeuille except for feral cats... :-)

  8. Wow! You have some great finds here Chris.Four different kinds of squirrels, who knew there was a rock squirrel!! I have only seen the red and the grey. I love your capture of the Bobcats, and the Bighorn sheep. My two favourite encounters were seeing a wild cat with an enormous striped tail, and a Badger which I saw when I was just a girl. Had never seen one before or since so it really made an impression on me.

  9. These are wonderful Love all your furry finds. Especially the feline ones. ☺

  10. Stopped by to check out your amazing photographs, Chris, and glad I did -- nice to see the furry creatures. I guess my most memorable encounter was with the black bear that visited my garden last year. Unfortunately didn't take a very good picture as my hand was shaking so much.

  11. Great photos! I Love the little squirrel who looks like he is reaching for the flower !!! Cute, cute. Also, the bobcats together. That is a wonderful shot.

  12. A lovely selection of photos Chris and so nice to see the furry creatures you have encountered during your adventures. I love them all but I think my favourite is the Jackrabbit with the sunlight shining through those gorgeous, long ears. Difficult to pick my own favourite encounter, maybe the tiny Muntjac, the minuscule Shrew, the Fox carrying its supper or perhaps the Brown Hare high tailing it up a lane at the end of a wonderful day at a newly discovered Nature reserve.


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