Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

All things Bats from Las Aventuras on this special knight.....
"Quick, the Batsignal!!!"
 Even the fabulous Julie Newmar. I'm a huge fan.

 I don't know if you've heard but there is a major event tonight........ in the US.  It's all inspired by bats.
 People have clearly gone bat crazy.
 Even my brother is on the action!
"You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. I can be both."
I didn't feel too well today, but I went to get the mail and surprise surprise!!!  The most awesome gift ever arrived and it really turned my day around.  Thank you Tracy so much for making my day.  Here is a shot with my own "Catwoman".  She is not so happy.  I LOVE bats whether they are in caves or hiding inside underpasses.  The final installment of this trilogy begins at midnight tonight at 12:01 AM. 
At 3:44 AM this morning, we returned from this amazing movie, but were saddened by the news of those killed and wounded at a midnight screening in Colorado.  My heart and thoughts go out to all of the families, friends and loved ones who have been affected.  Why does this happen? I can't even sleep now by this terrible news.   I hope the ones in the hospital come through.  Send your positive thoughts and prayers their way.


  1. i like your bat flight shots. hope you enjoy the movie. i'll wait for cable. :)

  2. Hi Chris, Since you love bats, you'd love to live here... We have bats all over the place ---and I have some stories to tell... One even got into the house one night... I was sweeping the deck and had the screen door open... YIPES...

    They sleep on the top of our porch... They nest under our shutters....... They don't scare me at all... They eat all of the skeeters!!!!!! Yeah!

    Have fun being a bat-lover.... Great post and pictures. Love that last picture!!!!! Gorgeous clock... I'm a clock person also.

  3. You may have bats in your belfry.

  4. Love watching the bats flit and swoop around our garden in the summer.


  5. LOVE your Catwoman! She's beautiful. Hope you're feeling better.
    We're off to see The Dark Knight later today.

    Prayers to those in Colorado. Senseless tragedy.

  6. All great fun shots! I have been reading the review on the movies. I am glad you all enjoyed it.

  7. Yes very sad what is going on in Denver. Our thoughts go to the families...

  8. Love the bat theme, glad you enjoyed the movie but distressed by news from Colorado.

  9. you DID see the movie already. I think your Catwoman is purrfect! Also..this is one of my favorite funny shots

    Hope you have a super weekend.

  10. ooooh, love your fluffy catwoman!
    i can't wait to see the new Dark Knight...but since we never go to the movies...we have netflix...we'll just have to be patient for it to come out on DVD.
    with all the excitement...and midnight was horrific news to wake up to yesterday morning. such tragedy...loss...insanity. it's something you just can't understand...why??!!


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