Sunday, July 15, 2012


My one artsy abstract. 
"Bec come over here and check out these orbs!", said my mother to my sister.  As a curious observer of all things, I brought my camera with me out to the place where my Grandfather died over 25 years ago.  I didn't know what to expect but the homeowners of my Grandparents old house reported seeing an older man in a T-shirt walking out near where my Grandpa died. These were the clothes he wore when he passed.  Apparently, the homeowner can see "ghosts" and one night, without ever having seen my Grandfather, described him in perfect detail to a friend of a friend in the very small village of Shoto.   Word came to my family that a ghost had been visiting the house several times over the past few months during mid afternoon. 
The old shed he tried to pull down is still there.  Sadly, he had a massive heart attack at the young age of 57 in the middle of this project.  It was my first lesson about death and it changed my life forever.  I was graduating 8th grade and Grandpa planned a secret graduation party for me with my parents.  In fact, while I was at graduation, Grandpa was helping decorate the house.  When I came home, everyone said, "SURPRISE!" and I smiled because my Grandpa was a part of it all.  I loved him very much.  Little did I know, it would also be the last time I would ever see him again.  The next day, I left for Arizona for the first time in my life and stayed in Flagstaff for the summer.  These would be my first steps into the deserts, mountains and canyons.   And so 2 major events happened that summer.  In June, my aunt received a call that her father(my Grandpa) died.  I went into shock and went upstairs.  I didn't cry.  I just sat by the bed stunned.  So my aunt and everyone else packed the van and left Arizona for Wisconsin to attend my Grandfather's funeral.   Holidays would never be the same.  Today I hold his wedding ring as a reminder that he has never been forgotten.
I love this pic.  In the middle is my mother with a brother and sister on the side.
So when the word was out that Grandpa was back, many of our family members jumped in the car late at night and chased a ghost.  I'm not sure I believe in them.  I know many people who claim that they've seen them.  Part of me was scared.  Another skeptical.  And the other part of me was happy.  What if it were true?  What if Grandpa came back for Grandma(my last living Grandparent)?  What would I do if I saw an orb?  What if I saw Grandpa?  What would I do?  So we grabbed our gear out of the car and went to the site of my Grandpa's death. Some of you right now might be saying, "Creepy."  Yeah just a little:)  In the car, everyone was excited but once we got to the area, everyone was a little quiet:)  The new homeowners told us it was okay to walk around the woods and river.   I told you a story about fireflies awhile back and I wondered if they were still there. And if anything made me smile, it was the fact that "my" fireflies were still flying around the swamp area at night.  I felt like a little kid again.  I took my camera out and began shooting into the night sky....
Mosquitoes reflecting light, fireflies, or orbs?  You decide.
"Bec come over here and check out these orbs!", said my mother to my sister.  Now, I have to tell you all.  I'm not sure they were orbs at all but rather the million flying mosquitoes that wanted human flesh that night.  The bites were bad. But here is a shot(above) that didn't seem to capture all the bugs. The light on my camera probably just reflected off the particles.   However my mother claimed to capture orbs during one moment (and there were shots that did look convincing). My brother and I just joked that it was a cloud of bugs.  But Mom believed that it was him.  And who am I to say anything?  I've never lost a parent.  Wouldn't we all want to see our loved ones again?  If for just one moment?  I never saw my Grandfather that night but it doesn't mean that he isn't out there.   I don't know anything.  I'm still learning in this crazy life of ours.   
My nephew walking down the dyke to find his Great Grandpa.
My nephew really wanted to come with us but he would have been scared.  So I brought him out the next day.  He said, "Uncle Chris, you only see ghosts at night."  And I responded, "Then why has your Great Grandpa been seen in the middle of the day?"  So he took the journey for himself to see if he could see Great Grandpa. But as kids normally do, they forget what the original purpose of the walk is all about.....and he ended running from the mosquito attacks:)
My father has claimed seeing a ghost.  My brothers have claimed seeing ghosts.  I have never seen anything like this. Do they exist?  I don't know.  Maybe.  I'm cynical about everything  but I'm not closed off to the possibilities that ghosts do/can exist.  Maybe you've seen one?  Personally, I'm still searching for the Elegant Trogan:)  Well even if I didn't see my Grandfather, it was still fun being with my family and returning to the place that we used to explore as kids.  And it was wonderful seeing the young little trees turn into massive mature trees today.  Oh...and fireflies! I wish I had a million dollars to buy up these properties. They are absolutely gorgeous with the rivers, swamp, and forested areas.  But I live in Tucson:)  And that's okay.  For now, I only have the stories that a man came to visit his former house.  The person could see him and describe what he looked like.  Her dogs wouldn't go near the areas while he was "present".  And while I still didn't see him, it's still comforting to know that maybe it's true.  You never know.  And like my detective mind always says to me on my hikes, "What if?"


  1. Sounds like the spirit filled with love of your Grandfather called to many in your family, or you wouldn't have gone. Such a special story adds to the wonderful memories. Plus a magical dance of the fireflies. They are the only thing I really miss from the midwest.

  2. Ty widzisz swojego dziadka cały czas, bo jest w Twoim sercu, nie musisz zobaczyć jego ducha. Pozdrawiam serdecznie.
    You see his grandfather all the time, because it is in your heart, you do not see his spirit. Best regards.

  3. Oh Kreesh, i haven't seen ghosts but i feel if an energy presence is nearby! haha. I think it was 3 yrs ago when an International Orbs Conference was held in Phoenix. I sent a paper there because i was into orbs before. Someone in the US who attended it sent me 10 CDs from the conference. She is someone i just met in cyberspace. Later on i forgot about the orbs, and i realized when your thoughts are not with them they will not appear in your photos, so i don't get them anymore these days!

  4. I am 100% sure your grandfather was indeed there. Who else could have brought your family out on an adventure like that?

  5. I think we probably have pretty much the same feelings on this subject Chris. One part of me is cynical but another part thinks there is so much we still don't understand which is why, I believe it is vital to keep an open mind.

    The story of the loss of your Grandfather was very moving. I remember for a long time after my Dad died. much sooner than he should have, I looked at every man I passed, convinced that if I looked hard enough I might find him. Even now, I regularly pass my old home and wonder if just maybe he and Mum are sat side by side in there watching their favourite TV programme or working together in the garden...there is a certain comfort in that thought...

  6. Wonderful and yet sad memories of time spent with your mentor and grandpa, Chris.
    The spirit of loved ones who pass forever remain within us.

  7. Cool artsy abstract. I really like the colors. Is this your ghost? I have never seen a ghost myself, they could be around us. I am just not sure if I am a believer. Interesting post, have a great weekend.

  8. if we believe in souls, how can we not believe in spirits or ghosts? :)

  9. Wonderful! I don't know if I believe in ghosts or not as I have never seen one. I do believe that things happen that have no explanation. So I echo "What if?" with you.

  10. Hi Chris, I guess I believe in all of that stuff --but don't dwell on it, like some people do... My feelings are more spiritual than fearful. I do believe that we all have 'angels' who watch over us -- who help guide us along the way of life. Are these 'angels' loved ones from our past? I have no idea--but since both my parents and my two brothers are gone, I have to believe that they can see me and my life and happiness now... I SO wanted my Mom to have met George--but she died in 1991, so I just hang onto the belief that she somehow KNOWS.....

    It's so neat that you had such a great relationship with your Grandfather --even for a few short years. ALL of my grandparents were gone by the time I was born--so I never had that wonderful experience....

    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  11. I'm like you. Are they real? Do they exist at all? I've never seen one though I have relatives that have seen things. Knowing my personality, I'd probably scare a ghost to death. I'd like to visit with my dad but I don't expect to. Strange.

  12. Delightful story even if a bit sad.

  13. I have never seen a ghost but that does not convince me they don't exist. There are many things about the universe we don't understand so, for me, there is always the possibility there are ghosts.

  14. A really moving post Chris and lovely to hear of the great relationship you had with your grandfather. I think the important thing is that people who mean a lot to you but have died live on in your heart and mind.

    I've never seen a ghost - I am a bit like you part of me is sceptical but part of me feels its possibly they do exist so I just try and keep an open mind.

    Very atmospheric photos btw!

  15. lovely story, lovely post Chris. i loved it because of the love in it, the family unity, the spirit of ambiguity and agnosticism. Like you and commenters above, I try to allow myself to keep my mind open. I've never seen a ghost, there's no scientific evidence, but we don't understand everything ...

  16. Chris, what an amazing outing. I would love to have the opportunity to share a moment like this. I love all your photos, they capture the mood perfectly.


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