Monday, July 9, 2012


Wetlands are disappearing all over the world at an alarming speed.  Why?  Well I've seen it first hand and I can tell you that big corporations are taking over rivers and creating dams to regulate water etc.  We saw this last year in Panama.  It went on in Costa Rica.  Peru is using the water for electricity, etc etc etc.  Some places are doing a better job than others at maintaining and protecting wetland areas and I'd like to show you a few in my hometown.  The above pic is taken near the Manitowoc Zoo. 
This is the other wild zoo that is free of charge.  It was also the first time I could get some nice Great Blue Heron shots while this bird was in flight!  This area has been around for years and has attracted a lot of wonderful waterbirds.  There are more birds coming to Wisconsin than ever before as the winters warm up.  And they say Global Warming isn't real:)  What a treat to see these magnificent birds fly around the landscape!
There is a place in Two Rivers known as the Woodland Dunes.  I'll be taking you there in a few days to catch some amazing Tree Swallow fun.
Wetlands are home to all sorts of critters like ducks, insects, geese, deer, rodents.....and even a swan or two!!  The duck below reminds me of an older man's face who has experienced a rough life. The top of the ducks head looks like "hair" greased back.  This duck comes from the Central American and Mexican corridor but has now established itself in many parts of North America.  It can handle temps as low as 10 degrees F or –12°C
So keep your eyes open for all kinds of critters walking around!  You'll never know what you'll find:)
Muscovy Duck
And of course, what would a water area be without geese?
White Chinese Goose
There are other things beyond birds that hang out in the grasses and along the water areas.  We saw plenty of trout wiggling in the waters.  But there were deer!!!  What fun to capture one running!
If we don't protect these important areas, we threaten the wildlife that live in these places.  The cranes around the world are feeling the pinch right now.  As our world population increases so does the demand for water.
It was a beautiful day full of wonderful captures.  The highlights being the deer and Great Blue Heron, but it's all amazing. 
For more information on wetlands, click here.  More tomorrow.....


  1. It is sad to see wetland disappearing. The habitat of many birds and critters will be gone and then they too will disappear. Love the GB Heron flight shots and the Geese and ducks are wonderful closeups. The deer are always a favorite of mine. Great post and I enjoyed the photos.

  2. It saddens me to think of these wetlands shrinking. Us humans are thoughtless and greedy in our consumption. Your photos are great series!

  3. Wonderful pictures of herons in flight, sweet deer frolicking in the greenery and I also love the close-ups of the duck and goose.

  4. A free zoo is amazing. A free anything is amazing.

    There should be more places protecting wetlands which are so important to all animals, including us.

  5. yeah, here in florida...the infamous swamps are not so swampy any more. sad. dry dry dry. even with the heavy rainfall...due to continuous all gets sucked itno the ground fairly quickly!

    i loved to see all the critters you spotted...especially the deer!
    i remember feeding old bread to the ducks in the park when i was a kid...always a little fearful of the muscovies...they were more aggressive...or just hungrier?!!

    great pictures!!

  6. Some very disturbing facts, when will we come to our senses and start protecting instead of destroying I wonder. Such beautiful images here, and some very strange and fascinating looking birds also, 'old man' duck is fantastic oui!

  7. i like the muscovys, too. :) pretty deer!

  8. It feels like the whole of the UK has become one big wetland with the amount of rain and flooding we've had Chris!! Please excuse my flippancy but it has become so tedious, the most rain here for more than a hundred years and no sign of change In my area :-(

    However, you have addressed a very serious point. Unfortunately, big business has so much power and very little conscience. At least there is more awareness than there used to be though and knowledgeable people are working hard to try to improve things.

    I love Herons, you got some great shots of them and also of the deer. I also enjoyed yesterday's post. What a lovely place, really beautiful scenery!

  9. Wonderful... So may people go to the Dells and have no idea where they are. The go to Paul Bunions to eat and stay at the Wilderness Water Park and roll around in an inner tube for a few hours. They have no clue about the natural beauty that started it all. Shame! Nice that you showed this.

  10. Oh my! That duck has a face only a mother could love! ;)

  11. looks like a great blue heron, they are so prehistoric looking ~ I enjoy watching them stalking their dinner

  12. Thanks for stopping. I love those Heron flight shots.Have a great week ahead.


  13. Sometimes I skip facts when listening to the news: they can be so depressing.
    Your pictures here are a treat. Let's hope and work towards wetlands...

  14. Brilliant photos again Chris - just love the duck with the greased back hair :)

    It is so sad how wetlands and so many other habitats are disappearing or being degraded all around the world. Will humans never learn?

  15. I am so glad you ended with that beautiful deer...the Muscovy Duck is really very ugly. Sorry...just saying. :)


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