Monday, July 16, 2012

The Green Bay Botanical Gardens

Vanderperren English Cottage Garden
One of the last things I had the chance to do before leaving Wisconsin was visit the Green Bay Botanical Gardens!! My brother and sil(sister in law) invited us to these gardens for watching their puppies while they were in Minnesota.  
Purple and White Allium Themed Space
It was a steamy hot day but there was plenty of shade for us to cool off.  And once we got started on the various paths, we saw lots of beautiful color arrangements.
An older Question Mark Butterfly
Now I don't know if this was intended or not, but it really felt like I was walking through the Shire from Lord of the Rings.  I love how every region in the states has their own take on gardening.  People in Wisconsin love their hostas and flowers:)  I can't tell you how many types of hostas there are because there are like......a billion.  But if you love hostas, and who doesn't?, go visit Cheesehead Gardening.  The Hostanerd will tell you everything you need to know.  She even has a post on one particular hosta known as "Captain Kirk".  Yes, hostas are like roses are like succulents are like cacti....and then there are the iris fans.....well you get the idea.  Back on the path.....
Pink Asters
I spotted lots of wonderful themes throughout the gardens and they were absolutely splendid.
Mary Hendrickson Johnson Wisconsin Woodland Garden
My nephew loved capturing things.  Again boys will be boys.  But I had a chat with him about being careful picking something up like a toad or a frog.  Be gentle.  Don't carry them with you.  And put them back in the same spot you found them etc etc etc.  I was like this as a kid and today I would never pick anything up unless it was in danger, but kids have to touch touch touch.  And maybe that's a good thing.  Perhaps they will be the next shephards to watch over and care for our environment.  Nurturing our youth and promoting knowledge about the environment is extremely important in this day and age.  This year I've had 3 explorers with niece, a friend's son, and of course, my own nephew during a couple outings.  And I've got to say this, they spot EVERYTHING!!!  They are good little detectives.  I'm so blind sometimes.  Maybe I do need to have kids:)?  But then again.....
Here is one of my brothers(below) with my nephew.  He's a good man and really wants to become a father.  No luck yet, but maybe soon. 
The important part is to just enjoy the paths we've all been given.  And like this post suggests, these were the kinds of conversations we were having throughout the walk.  Well and lot's of that family joking around:)
 And along the way, here are some things that grabbed my attention.....
12 Spotted Skimmer
 The Dragonflies around Wisconsin are stunning.
Look at this fun Butterfly Garden! I say fill that with lots and lots of succulents!
Lollipop Purle Allium
 The colors of purples and reds and whites and pinks and yellows and oranges and.....
Gertrude B. Nielsen Children’s Garden
 .....the designs........
......areas for kids to have fun......
John & Janet Van Den Wymelenberg Color & Foliage Garden
 .....and places to grab shade from the heat and humidity.
 These are also places to take cheesy family photos.  James Bond.
 ....and how does our youth today feel about older adults?  Do we really smell?
Red Flower Carpet shrub rose
.....and of course the themed gardens.
The Green Bay Botanical Gardens is a real treat for plant enthusiasts around the world.  7 dollar admission.  Here's their link for more info. Hope you enjoyed the tour. And of course more tomorrow....


  1. My favourites are the 1st and last one, superb.

  2. Yes, i enjoyed the tour. The flowers are lovely, especially love the pink asters and the carpet roses. The frog and the dragonfly are cool too. I like the last shot of the cottage? It is cute. Great shots and post, have a wonderful day.

  3. Some great photos and the little toad is cute. Looks like a wonderful place.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. Beautiful flowers and grounds. Wish I had that arbor. Your photo of the dragonfly is stunning. Looks like a wonderful family day.

  5. When I tried to comment on your blog last week I kept getting a malware pop up. It didn't pop up today, thankfully. The Botanic Gardens are beautiful. :o) It's wonderful that your little friends want to touch everything. I work with kids who rarely go outside except to play an organized sport, despite living in very nice suburban neighborhoods. Pathetic!

    1. So sorry about that. It was coming from a blog on my blogroll. Since then, I've taken down all the blogs from the side. It happened too many times and I'm not putting all my hard work at risk anymore. My readers come first. There is no virus or malware on my site. I'm very cautious about what I link up to on the writing. Thanks for coming back:)

  6. Hello!!!.. a lovely place and a beautiful images .. kisses from Spain

  7. You got some really great pictures. I really like the purple flower the best.

  8. looks like a lot of fun had by everyone. :)

  9. Certainly does feel like a visit to Hobbit town.

    This is why it's nice to borrow kids. Get to do that as a Park Ranger, like you do as a teacher.

  10. That looks like a laid back, unpretentious series of gardens. The classic pond-bridge-allium scenes, plus places for people to goof off. I wonder if I'm saving the best for last, since the only 6 states I have not visited include Wisconsin?

  11. Kids love dirt, mud, and insects and they have pure love of learning. They like hands-on experiences. I used to tell my children to let the critters back to the environment after careful observation.

    Humidity slows down perspiration, natural way of cooling, so heat and humidity is terrible combination. It’s just like our summer. When humidity is high, my spirit is low, however, I think I can walk around in such a beautiful garden with pleasant comapny.


  12. Fabulous walk through Green Bay Botanical Gardens, I think a visit to the botanical gardens in any city is definitely worth while. Cheesy family photos are the best, so nice to do this walk with member of your family. I love the Lollipop purple Allium such a fun plant. I've enjoyed the trip, thanks.

  13. Hi Chris, Gorgeous gardens... I'd love to visit there sometime. In fact, I'd love to visit gardens in states across the country... Wouldn't that be awesome????

    Love the butterfly design.. Quite creative. You talk about your brother wanting to be a father. How 'bout you? Marriage?

    Have a great day...

  14. Wow! the gardens are absolutely wonderful and yes, they do remind of The Shire :) I would so love to be able to visit this beautiful place. Your photos are wonderful and the 12 spotted skimmer is just stunning. Lovely to see the young children interested in nature too. When I occasionally go out birdwatching with my daughter she sees (and hears) far more than me. So although she gets bored quickly and I stay for less time I still see more!

  15. A beautiful garden to visit. I like the way there are things there that would certainly keep children interested.

  16. Nice!! Almost in my backyard and I've never been there. I have a plan now. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Those are such beautiful gardens with so many flowers to enjoy and the great little cottages to help set the stage.

  18. what a great garden. You don't need to be a parent to be child aware and influence the next generation as you obviously do. i suppose boys will be boys. When I showed my grandson a wonderful mushroom and he kicked it over I was so shocked I didn't say anything!

  19. The arbor with the roses next to it is gorgeous!

  20. I love visiting the Green Bay Botanical gardens, but for some reason every time I go there it's like 100 degrees.

  21. I loved that arbor! So romantic and charming. Then I see why you felt like you were in the Shire. Looks like a fun day for everyone.


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