Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Birding in Tucson

Bridled Titmouse
What's more exciting than birding in winter and spring?  Well how about birding during the summer!!!??  Yeah it's hot and miserable.  I put food out the night before and it's gone before I get up the next day which says a lot about getting up early and birding.
These pics capture the beauty of any garden full of art and nature.  This is the Bridled Titmouse checking out potted plants in a patio area.   A cooler breeze makes me happy as the sun was hot. So many of us will head to the mountains or canyons during the day.....or get up very early before the 100 degree temps start up:)
And while waiting for other birds rumoured in the area, a nuthatch joins in on the fun.
But some special guests arrive....like this cowbird.  For some, including myself, it's a lifer. Note the red eyes.  This bird lives up to its reputation.  Black with red eyes can mean many things in the bird world, but this guy is fierce.  It will kick other birds out of their nests for its own use.  How's that for vicious!?
While waiting for some more fun, a Lesser Goldfinch drops by to get a sip of juice out of this cup.
A Black Headed Grosbeak takes off in the distance.
And the biggest surprise comes from this Summer Tanager.  Move over Vermillion Flycatchers and Cardinals.....there's another red bird around:) 
Yes indeed.  It twas a fun day birding during this hot summer day:) Best times to bird?  Sun up and sun down.  Best time to hike?  Before 10 AM and after 4 PM.  Please be careful with the monsoon rains coming.  Water and lighting are very powerful things here in the desert.  Be safe!  I'll be back tomorrow from our vacation and look forward to catching up with everyone.  More tomorrow....


  1. Bonita serie de pajarillos... El primero con cresta. me recuerda a nuestro Herrerillo capuchino.. Un saludo desde Madrid..

  2. Wonderful birds, I love the Titmouse and the pretty Summer Tanager. Great captures.

  3. Beautifully coloured birds Chris - The Bridled Titmouse looks very similar to a species over here the Crested Tit although its not found in England only parts of Scotland. I feed all year - in fact the feeders are busier at this time of year with all the recently fledged birds around than in the winter.

  4. great pictures!!

    the first titmouse shot is the best...he looks like he's thinking very hard about something.
    i also love the grosbeak you caught in flight.

    beautiful garden art!

    your hiking & birding times are the same here too...forget it during the day, too hot!

  5. Beautiful variety of birds, most are new to me. Wow the Summer Tanager is colorful! Cool sightings and great pictures. :)

  6. the tanager is great, but i love that bridled titmouse!

  7. OMG what I would give for a good rain right now!

    1. Hi there!!! Haven't heard from you in awhile!!:) Hope all is well and that you're getting some nice R and R.....I'm hiding out inside our home...dark rooms, fans, a/c the works....at night I attempt to go outside but end up going back inside:)

  8. Dang! Your yard is hopping! Throw in a couple Hummingbirds and that's all I'd be hoping to see out and about anyway!

  9. I had a bit of fun watching the birds this last weekend up north in Strawberry and just for you I made a list of what I saw. Robin, White-breasted Nuthatch, Acorn Woodpecker, Pinyon Jay, Red-shafted Northern Flicker, Raven and Dark-eyed Junco. Actually it was a pair of Juncos tending to their little one. There were hummers galore, but I'm no good at identifying them.

  10. We have so many 'night critters' around here who would eat all of the bird food during the night that we have to put everything up during the nights now.

    My birds are hungry early in the morning --so I try to get up and put out their breakfast fairly early... I buy bird seed for the birds --and not for other critters... ha

    Hope your trip is going well.

  11. I'm not sure who is luckier.. you for capturing these beautiful birds.. or the beautiful birds for being so well fed for free.
    Either way I enjoyed your post.

  12. So many beautiful birds to be seen right in your own garden.

    Lovely photos and narrative.

  13. Great shots of the beautiful birds.
    Your lucky to have them visiting your garden.


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