Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mellow Yellow

I was determined to capture this tricky little bird on film.  I got a shot awhile back but I wasn't satisfied with I needed more.  And so I returned with the sound of their voice in my head......
As I searched for the Yellow Warbler, a Ruddy Duck floats by on one of the ponds at Sweetwater.
Suddenly the chirp! Silent moment.  CHIRP! Silent moment. CHIRP! And then quickly a yellow flash in the mesquite full of yellow fuzzy flowers grabs my attention.  There are two of them flying around!  But I can barely get a decent shot of them.  They move much too quickly in and above the Mesquite.  To make things worse, the Mesquite is full of yellow flowers adding to the confusion. 

I stand for 30 or 40 minutes quietly waiting for them to come out into the open.  And finally I get my break, but the bird is way up high.  So I shoot away hoping that one shot will turn out.....
I become one of my cats as I silently stalk the bird with my camera.  Any sudden movements and the bird flies off......but I am able to get close at times.
The clearest shot of the Yellow Warbler

As I do, the bird flies off........
.....and disappears to another spot.
I am never really meant to get too close to the Yellow Warbler, but I get excited that I could track this bird down.  With Warblers, it can be tricky. On a post a while back, I told you that I had been tracking one in a Cottonwood Tree along a canyon stream but had almost stepped on a Rattlesnake.  Warblers hide well in the brush and one needs to be careful trying to get a clear shot of these beautiful birds as there is a lot hiding in the shade during a hot summer day:)
As I leave, I hear the Harris Hawk squack at sunset.  What a nice treat!
Up up and away!
 But more tomorrow....:)


  1. Kool looking bird. It's one of those pleasant splashes of colour that add an artisitc accent to the otherwise green background.

    Oooooo, a Tamarisk. Not a overjoyed fan of Tamarisk.

    Harris Hawk Picture here is a bit odd. I mean I can't recall seeing a photo of a Harris Hawk without 12 other members of his family trying to horn in on the shot.


  2. Well done Chris! You show that Yellow Warbler who's boss. (you, you're boss : )

  3. Lovely shots Chris of a beautiful Yellow Warbler - so colourful. I love reading about your bird adventures (rattleshakes excluded!!) as I always feel I am there with you.

    The Verdin in yesterday's post looks an amusing little character!

  4. i really like the fern shadows on the second shot of the Mellow Yellow! it almost looks as if it's under water.
    ALL nice yellow warbler shots...and what a perfect way to end the day...spotting the Harris Hawk!

  5. Nice shots, you did it, Chirs! The Yellow Warbler is beautiful, mellow yellow. Our “Uguisu” (Bush Warbler) is well known as audible but invisible: we often hear their chirps but rarely see them.


  6. i've been lucky to spot a yellow warbler here this summer, too! they're not supposed to be this far south in breeding time. i, too, chased it with my camera and got a few shots among the leaves.

  7. Love yellow birds. A splash of color. What a pretty creature!
    Your posts are "una aventura agradable para mí" Thanks for sharing.

  8. You did fine capturing the yellow warbler.

  9. Love that yellow! You are certainly getting a lot of variety in your birding.

  10. You did GREAT, Chris. Birding takes so much patience --and I'm short on that most of the time... Gorgeous Yellow Warbler.

  11. I love the colorful Yellow Warbler, wonderful shots. The Harris hawk is a new one for me, great sightings.

  12. That color is so alive and beautiful. I am home this weekend and took Monday as leave because June 12 is our Independence Day holiday. So i have time to watch the birds. I've been meaning to get the flying oriole viewed beneath it, but my neck is already very tired and still can't get one. I focused on the bird on the tree, with a half-pressed shutter so i will just press it fully when it flies. But they flew everytime without me getting the shot. I am so disappointed. So i just marvelled on hearing their calls to each other, now i already remember some of their conversations, hahaha!

  13. Many nice treats here!
    Yellow and black go so well together.
    Patience is key as in everything, isn't it?

  14. These sweet little birds have lead me on many a stroll around a tree. It seems no matter which side I'm on, they're on the other!


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