Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bats, Owls and Comics!

Have you ever wondered why Super Heroes are so cool?  Well, I started thinking about how nature and super beings are fused together in fascinating ways.  Some of my favorite heroes include Storm, Spiderman, and Batman.....all related to nature in some way.  Many of you may not know this but in the comics, people today are introduced to many of these elements everyday.  My focus today is on Batman.  My brother brought his costume to Phoenix Comicon and made lots of people smile.  But it got me thinking.....
Batman...the World's Greatest Detective.  No super powers, but lots of great gadgets in a cool costume made to resemble a bat.  Stealth, darkness, and shadows are all things that make Batman stand out in the Super Hero universe.  But did you know?  Currently in the DC Comics universe Batman, Robin and gang are facing some of the biggest villains in Gotham City.  Most of us think that the Joker is the worst of the worst, but there are bigger batties out there.  In a major event, DC comics has introduced the Court of Owls....a mafia group set out to destroy Batman and crew once and for all.  The thugs are creatively known as the Talons.  How clever!  Two night creatures fighting one another.  Two night creatures fighting for control of Gotham!  And guess what?  In nature, one of the bat's enemies is the......owl!!
But for now, Batman has decided to stop for a drink.  No owls here!!  From left to right, we see King Tuzigoot, Phoenix's really WHITE knight, and of course Batman.  In the comics, this is a major event. And very soon(in July) we will have the 3rd and final movie to the Batman trilogy...the Dark Knight Rises.  Hoo will win? The Court of the Owls?  Or the Bat?  Stay tuned for more.....


  1. The hero always wins, so I am rooting for Batman. Are bats and owls enemies? I am not sure. Have a great weekend.

    1. Not when they sit down to moderate quantities of alcoholic beverages, Eileen.

  2. As a lover of comics and hero's I'm sure the hero will win in the end.
    Till next time.. cheers and have a terrific weekend, Chris.

  3. Ditto, what my inner-child:) said.
    Pam 2

  4. the Court of Owls??!! i'd like to see THAT costume!
    (maybe someone will be wandering around in one)

    your brother sure looks like the REAL thing!

  5. you're too cute. your brother is great.

  6. I used to watch Batman, but haven't owned a TV in years and never go to the movies. Guess I'll miss this one too. Keep us updated please. ;)

  7. Oh, yeah! I can't wait for the new movie!

  8. Very interesting takes on themes. I hadn't heard about the Owl Mob. Lots of possibilities there for puns. Way to relax, Batman!

  9. My absolute favorite Batman snippit is from the original. When the guy in the alley says "Who are you" and Michael Keaton as the Bat says simply "I'm Batman"
    And I noticed that light on the ceiling and you know what I saw. shame on me... I didnt see the bat, I saw the black part and wondered. Funny how our minds work.

  10. Of course our heroes will win... :-)

  11. Great photos Chris - love your brother's costume. I'm looking forward to the new movie too. Hope you are having a great weekend!


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