Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Oh Those Golden Grahams....

As it warms up, the Brown Crested Flycatcher finds its way back into Southern Arizona.   During a shoot for the "Supermoon" which turned out "Superbad", I did get wonderful shots of this bird at the Saguaro East National Park. 
I set the tripod up and was getting all the settings set up on the camera as the sunset began its decline.  I experimented with some landscape shots and discovered that one of these beautiful birds was hanging out on one of my favorite desert plants....the Ocotillo.
He sat there for awhile as I snapped a billion shots of him posing.  After a rattlesnake sighting that day, I was very aware that at dusk, these dangerous critters come out searching for food.  Let me just say that I was VERY careful where I stepped:)
I burned my eyes as I snapped this shot.  It's pretty though:)
The Palo Verdes were in bloom casting more yellow hues around the landscape.  Absolutely gorgeous!
The colors of our Arizona sunset come from all the dust particles in the air.  As the sun sets, the rays reflect off the particles creating the beautiful oranges, pinks, and purples in the night sky.
And so while I didn't get the moon, I was very happy with these very accidental bird shots on the Ocotillo....with blooms!!!
This post also proves that the color brown isn't such a bad thing:)  This line applies to both landscape and birds!  After I got done with this shoot, I got hungry for Golden Grahams cereal hence the the post title:) Stay tuned for more tomorrow.....


  1. Always nice photo's Chris

    greetings, Joop

  2. Wow, lovely sunset photos and the Flycatcher is pretty. I do not think I would want to see a rattlesnake while out walking. Great capture, have a wonderful day.

  3. Piękne wszystko i ptak i widoki. Dziękuję, że tam byłaś mimo możliwości spotkania z grzechotnikiem. Ja bym się bala. Pozdrawiam.
    Beautiful bird and everything and views. Thank you that you were there, despite the possibility of meeting with rattlesnakes. I'd be afraid. Yours.

  4. Stunning landscape shots Chris - I love the colours in them and the bird is beautiful. Everytime I read of your rattlesnake sightings I am glad we don't have them over here!

  5. Rohrerbot,

    Really nice photos of the flycatcher, not sure if I have seen this one. Those western US flycatchers are hard to tell apart at least for us easterns.

  6. Wonderful indeed Chris! Great Flycatcher, great shots!

  7. That is an adorable little bird! All of your photos are just beautiful!

  8. these are awesome! love these rich, warm shades!

  9. The bird and sunset photos are great, also much better than the (Ha) Supermoon turned out to be. Wonder if you caught the Venus Transit?

  10. Great pictures, Chris... Love seeing the Brown Crested Flycatcher... Great little bird!!!!

  11. Oh, I'm hungry for Golden Grahams!! I think all these shots are "golden". :)

  12. I love those golden colours as well. Do us a favour. You already know the potential for colour in Arizona skies. Try doing a photo stream of all sorts of summer sunset monsoon thunderhead reflections. Best places to do this would be from a California desert facing east point of view. I've seen many a great potential shots when I never had a camera.

    Thanks - Kevin


  13. beautiful...clear & crisp...awesome shots!


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