Friday, August 27, 2010


Living in rough conditions made for one of my most enjoyable stays!
Water came on once a day and laundry was done by hand.
It was great to be taken back in time to another age of living.
Our shower in the tropics!!

Our bathroom

Entering near the port of Los Chiles on Lake Nicaragua

People looked at me, but it was a muddy time and incredibly humid!! I wrapped a towel on my head just to keep the sweat out of my face!

In our kitchen

In our house!!!

Outside our house

When there's no water, you go to the river out back

Hovercraft used to cross from Granada to Los Chiles
On Lake Nicaragua

Lake Nicaragua

Loading sugar on the docks off of Grenada

Like I said...the humidty was killer:)

The lagoon outside of Managua

Granada, Nicaragua

Arriving at port in Los Chiles

My friend Carolina adopted this pooch and called the puppy...Peluche(stuffed toy:)

One of the mini islands on Lake Nicaragua...they have monkeys:)

This was a great trip and I had a very wonderful time.  It is becoming the place to visit.  I recommend it for the hardy traveler who doesn't mind doing without the modern comforts.  But it is incredible and cheap!  Not much in the way of gardens when I went, but there were a lot of farmers and they taught me how to make cheese...cuajada and how to cook a delicious, but not healthy, fritanga meal:) There was a lot of horseback riding in the rural areas so be prepared to wear boots as there was a lot of mud.   Truly a highlight in my life....Nicaragua.


  1. Nicaragua seems to be a truly wonderful place. I went through your earlier posts and envied your adventurous trips:) Have a fun weekend!

  2. I think that is fascinating. I don't know if I could "rough it" like that, and I am not used to humidity for sure. But it looks like beautiful country.

  3. Thanks...enjoy your weekend...I'm having my coffee and will be out working in the yard:) We have nice cool temps today. I'm enjoying posting these....they get me excited to see more. There's really too much to do and see in one life.


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