Sunday, August 8, 2010

French Design/A European Look

Provence, France


Welcome to France!! I went here back in 2004 and 2005. It was an incredible trip and I saw designs that were definitely unique to France....especially the styles from the region of Provence. Again these posts are just a little background about how I have formed my gardening style. The particular themes that stuck out for me here were the formal hedgings, water fountains,  stately parks, color uses...especially of light blue and yellow or red and yellow, and how little gardens were mixed in with older buildings.  The pictures above show several places in Paris, Avignon, Gourdes, Nice....note how everything blends together in an artistic fashion.  The French love presentation and it shows wherever you go. I pulled a lot of the old world charm ideas for my own really gave me some creative ways to look at my own work around the garden.  I have to admit that I'm not there yet with those particular themes.....but I have started lavender on the property and it does REALLY well here in Tucson and of course, France is known for her lavender fields.....there is nothing like seeing those hazy violet fields swaying in the breeze....and the scent!!! I hope to add more lavender and geranium hanging pots around the property along with some of the French colors here and there.  On the bottom pic in dowtown Paris near the Louvre museum, there are wonderful French gardens all over the place.  Note how they are placed around near benches and doggy parks....yes it's true what they say about the French and their dogs....they GO everywhere with their furry friends including restaurants and changing rooms!! Absorb everything and see how they do's great stuff. The French also love cicadas which is especially evident in Southern France. Until next time.....happy adventures.

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