Thursday, August 26, 2010

Costa Rica-La Pura Vida!

The Adventures of Costa Rica!

This year we are taking students to the tropical paradise of Costa Rica.  It is truly a stunning country with a lot to see.  The tropical plants are amazing as are the vistas!  I went here back in '96 with a bunch of friends for a month exploring the different varieties of plants that grow in this amazing and diverse country!

Braulio-Carillo National Park...the Cloud Forest

Cloud forests are amazing....cold....wet....lush....and very mysterious. Make sure you wear your rain gear as you hike through the forest looking at bromeliads, tillandsia, ferns....


I get lost in the rain forest.

The Rain Forest is dark...make sure you bring proper foot gear or it will be torture!! Always watch where you are grabbing and always look above....and don't speak if you want to see the local wildlife:)

Poas Volcano out of San Jose

The Pacuare River

Parque Corcovado

Fresh water meets the aware of sharks that come in at night.

Puerto Jimenez

One big tropical garden

Big time tree huggers:)

Some friends on this isolated journey near the Panama Costa Rica border

Time to feed the horses

San Jose, CR

Riding thru coffee fields....yum:)

Seal up everything well before heading into the rain forest or you'll have mushy food or ants EVERYWHERE!!

During a time when I could eat anything and get away with it:(

NEVER forget your mosquito net while exploring!! And bring water!

Last night with friends before heading back to the US.  I highly recommend Costa Rica to's safe and has a million kinds of tropical gardens everywhere.  Dream.  Explore.  Live.

Note the ancient use of my camera back in the 90' are not as clear as today's cameras.  I look forward to the return with my new and improved camera in March:)


  1. What a beautiful country. Do you think it has changed since you have been there. I would love to visit Costa Rica. It is always a problem for me as I can not take plants into Australia! It is very expensive to put plants into quarantine.

  2. I have to say that I am jealous! I signed up to take a field biology class in 2001....which was a trip to Costa Rica. Due to a change in dates, I was unable to go :( It is one place that I long to visit.

  3. I have a feeling that it has changed....but not too much...just more convenient ways of getting around instead of walking there...we'll see.

    Robin, you should go. It's safe and they speak enough English there that you could get around without any problems. It's one of the few places I recommend for people who are nervous about leaving the country. For the surrounding countries, I would be more cautious...but Costa Rica is for everyone:)


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