Sunday, August 1, 2010

Courtyard Overview July 2010

This morning I went outside to get a overview shot of the property from different angles. It's definitely muggy out there today....another storm is on her way:) I have such a critical eye as I want it all done overnight.....and it can be frustrating.  Limited funding and lack of homeowners wanting to invest money in rotting wooden beams can be very challenging. I have to remind myself that there were many years of neglect and it will take many years before results start coming in....I have several plant vines at work for me(mainly catsclaw...the weed and the climbing fig for the bright shadows) and they are doing their job but beginning results won't be seen until the end of October and November. I feel like the villain Poison Ivy from the Batman series engaging in special operation tactics using my plant agents:)  Their cover the ugly rotting beams. Some may say that I'll regret planting the catsclaw, but since I have it focused on the ramada, it should be alright.  This blog, reminding myself, is also about the many future projects of the garden.  I find myself with my critical eye turning away from the ugly spots and not wanting to take pics to record the nasty unsightly holes that still exist....or the few plants planted in many inappropriate areas. 
The courtyard

The Castor Plants have grown!!

I watch a show on Youtube from Austin, Texas about gardening.  Everyone shares their frustration, joy, and love on their place with topics ranging from pond gardening to backyard basics. It's a great half hour show to watch with coffee before you get started in your own garden:)  Almost every gardener on the program has shared that it is important to be patient and take your time establishing plants.  They all mention that their current gardens took years to create and that they are never really truly done.  Those are words to live by and I try patiently to let them sink in:)  The show is called Central Texas Gardening.  I think it's a zone or two colder than our Tucson climate, but many of the strategies are the same.
The back of the shed is what I want covered...again, I have agents at work for me that are making their way towards those ugly fences and rotted beams.

Work for winter..two more planters to be added.

The courtyard is a wonderful place to be and I see things in my mind that would enhance the area to new heights.  We have a pool that costs money every month and is hardly ever I have almost fallen into it several times while watering the plants.  My vision tells me that we should replace that pool with a beautiful Mexican fountain and bench.  When the opportunity is right, I will take it, but currently it won't float with 3 of the homeowners as they will occassionally use it...and that's good, but it's not used everyday or even used at all during the winter.

A view from the top...slowly it will all grow in

The second area of improvement is a bad shed that we's falling apart and I think that we could maximize that area with some sort of ramada  or seating patio while the oak trees provide the canopy.  It would be very beautiful.  Again, I don't see that happening for many years....but I do see it in my mind:)  I have this vision of what our place will be like in 10 years, but right's a 2 year old garden of new plants:)

Rotted wood from above that will hopefully be tied together by my sneaky agents of Catsclaw...they are stillclimbing towards the light.

The Citrus project
I have more winter projects to do that require severe hole digging and there is nothing worse than digging a hole in the desert.  I don't even know how plants can survive here with our soil, but I'm glad they do.  Well here are the pics from just the central courtyard to record our history for the first time this year:) Any comments and suggestions are always welcome:)
Cicada on stucco


  1. It all looks beautiful to me! What a wonderful thing for you to be working on though I can entirely relate to your feelings of frustration at wanting to get everything done now. Alas I fear for us gardeners that will never be possible, there will always be more to do. :)

  2. Thank you for the positive words...somedays I'm in love and others I am overwhelmed by the big pic:) These past few days have been wonderful to work outside...well during the morning part before the storms...enjoy your day:)

  3. That one palm is sooo tiny. That being said it still has my seedlings beat. Love the pics. You're only one zone higher and it's fun to see the difference. I was going to say dryer too but we haven't had rain in a month. Vancouver is really dry in the summer.


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