Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oaxaca-Place of the Gourds!!!

My Host MomMaking Alebrije

When it comes down to it all, no other country captures my heart like Mexico. I love traveling everywhere but there is something about Mexico that steals my heart every time.  It's such a diverse country in so many ways....the food, people, cultures, climates, and even in the language.

Last year, my host family of more than 20 years was celebrating my niece's quinceaƱera in Tlaxcala.  So I went down to visit and took a trip with my Mexican mom to Oaxaca.  We had so much fun seeing the sites and spending time together.

The Entrance to Monte Alban

In this blog, I've snapped several pics that caught my attention.  Oaxaca is a pretty diverse state in Mexico ranging from desert to the tropics.  In this part of Oaxaca, I saw the traditional plants that grew in Tucson....the jacaranda, prickly pear cactus, and bouganvillea plants were just a few.

Details in the yard give that old world charm
When I look at these pics, I think of the design that surrounds the plant.  We have absolutely boring stucco walls here so I'm thinking about adding this Oaxacan color to the landscape.  It fits really well with Tucson and would blend in nicely with the property. 
My Mexican Mother who pulled me into the Spanish World...20 years of a wonderful friendship!!
A lot of people love the art form of "alebrije" here in the Southwest as it spices up garden and home spaces. It's my plan to add these little elements around the grounds as I get closer to finishing the project.
A Jacaranda

Alebrije-The art of Oaxaca

In other pics, you will also see the "barra negra" which is the typical color of pottery from Oaxaca.  Oaxaca means "Place of the Gourds" and is a definite highlight of places to see in Mexico.
We also visited the Monte Alban Park and I love how old large trees framed the pyramids around the grounds. I found these gardens attractive and easy to imagine in Tucson.  The buildings in Oaxaca were older and it shows in these pictures.  I really liked how all the plants were treated as accents to the main event.
Until next time, happy adventures whether you are in the garden or on a trip!!!

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