Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Microbursts Happen!!

Taken by a local resident. The storms today were terrible.  A lot of damage has been taken...and I have some major repair to do tomorrow on the property.  Several pics of the damage are here.

The Castor Plants may have seen the end of their days.....or maybe not?
I'd like to write something else right now, but coming home today was a shock to my system.  We had a microburst above our place and it was terrible....but I suppose it could have been worse....

Fire at our zoo caused by lightening....in my neighborhood!!

The damage around town is an eye opener.  Knocked down trees, trees on fire, flooding, ohhhh....it is so hard to witness.  I found several of my plants almost uprooted!!! I'm trying to stake them but the lightening is so bad.  I'm in the house right now wanting to get out there and save my babies.  Here are several pics of the destruction....be careful scrolling down as several of these pics are very disturbing and may cause reoccuring nightmares!  All that work destroyed in 20 minutes of a cloud falling down upon our place.  The good news is that the roof held:)

Mesquite pods are all down!!

Streets become rivers...never drive thru flooded washes!
Carport becomes a casuality of the wind!
I love bobcats...sorry...they have nothing to do with this storm.
See what a damaging microburst can do??
Oak branches and leaves all over the courtyard!!
Not on my property but a tree and bench were blown over....

Cute pic taken by local Vail resident yesterday.

Disclaimer. Most pics on this blog(Microburts Happen!!) were taken from the local news stations of KVOA, KGUN 9, and KOLD in Tucson.  You can find those pics on their websites.  This blog post is for those who are curious about the monsoon storms here in Tucson...and a record of the damage done to my property for my own records:) Let this blog also serve as an advisory anytime you come to visit and are caught in one of our monsoon storms.  So many visitors every year get hurt in our desert from heat exhaustion by not drinking enough water or drowning in a wash to getting hit by lightening...I know it sounds crazy, but the desert is a wild place to live.   On these past 2 monsoon blogs, I've collected the best of the 2010 monsoon pics from local photographers.  All other work is my own photography. Some people are curious as to what the desert is like and I thought I'd share Tucson with the reader who may visit Tucson down the road.  This is what you will find around our beautiful city.  I write this because I don't like using other people's work without giving credit or the source. I have found on this blog that I am one of the few current "representatives" of Tucson showcasing our beautiful city.  Enjoy!


  1. Wow, I've never seen a microburst but I'm used to severe thunderstorms and torrents of water. The damage those things can do is really intimidating.

  2. I can relate. :( So sorry for the damage. Hope you get it back to near normal soon.

  3. Whoa. I had no idea you got hit so hard. I have a brother down there. I guess we should talk more.


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