Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's Time to Begin

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
My mind wanders today.  The colors of this life don't seem to fade but only intensify as I get older. And yet I remember those who haven't made it to 40.  The soldiers who died so young, my friends who passed away from AIDS, cancer, and many other diseases.  And somehow, I've managed to live this "charmed" life. 
But I feel like maybe a little man makeup is needed these days.  Birds get to molt into prettier feathers.  Not so much for humankind:)
But life is to be embraced whenever possible.  Everyday is a new day. Perhaps the last one? I hope not, but it's another day to tackle.  Expect the unexpected....even in the most mundane of routines.
My birthday arrives before Halloween and Day of the Dead each year.  The latter being a very important day for me to remember those who have passed in my life.  Those who meant so much to me.  My mentors. And I love that my birthday coincides with these days.  My "birthday cake"?  Pumpkin pie.
I imagine myself like this man below.  Perhaps a birder.  Perhaps someone who will sit back and watch the world pass him by........
Sometimes an occasional burst of teenage energy will surface, but every year it seems to slow down some:) But the spark of curiosity is stronger than ever.
These pics were taken at the Tucson Meet Yourself event several weeks ago.  I am reminded why I chose Tucson as my place to live each day of my life. Turning 40 isn't as bad at all.  Turning 30, well that was a different story:) I know I know.....several of my older readers will respond, "That's nothing, wait until you turn 80!"  I sure hope I get there:)
And yet I am reminded that getting older is a celebration.  Something that I've earned.  Instead of putting the flame out, it only continues to burn stronger and brighter.
And inside I feel like the 40's have a greater reveal that makes me excited.  A light at the end of the tunnel on student loans and debt.  The beginning of random trips to the Caribbean with my other half in the middle of the year.  Whenever we choose.  Anywhere around this world.  Together.  The 40's are the beginning of a new life.
Granted, I still have to watch what I eat.  Monitor my cholesterol and blood pressure better.
 I planned young because I knew I'd be ready for a change. Because we all change over a lifetime.....many times.  The Aborigines know this.
Life is out there.  Well it's all around us at any given time.  I can choose to embrace it or rush through the moments quickly like most people do.  I don't want to rush anymore.  I want to see things better.  More clearly.
That inner child still lives within.  Now this is a bear I can trust!!!  Smokey and Woodsy would be an epic combo!!!  But I found Smokey and that's all that matters!
And while I can't be these Puerto Ricans jumping up and over others like I used to....I can still appreciate that energy on the outside.  They are called the Flying Tortillas.
And I'm really not sure I could do these things in my 20's;)
I love this shot below.  Why?  It reminds me of Peter Pan chasing his shadow.
I feel like my best years are ahead of me.
After all, when one hurdle is jumped, isn't there another one around the corner?  With a glass of fine red wine, I sit back and think about all the things that are just waiting to be discovered today and tomorrow.  Life is short and we have to live it. As you read this tonight(or today), I am up on top of Mt. Lemmon at the UA observatory.  Pat surprised me with some night stargazing because my heart belongs in the heavens.  And seeing the planet Saturn or Mars makes my mind soar.  What else is out there?  What more is there?  All I have to do is step out my door and watch because there is so much to see and experience. So tonight I take my first step into the decade known as "the 40's".  Please pass that pumpkin pie.
More tomorrow....


  1. Life just gets better with age as we hopefully learn to slow down and smell even more than the roses. Happy Birthday, kid! Let your mind soar with the skies.

  2. Lovely halloween party, and belated birthday to you.

  3. Happy birthday! Being 40 is great. Everyone, except your parents, now views you as an adult with something worthwhile to say. My 50s were my best decade. I've hated the 60s. I cried all day on my birthday that year. I'm still hating them.

  4. Happy Birthday Chris!!! Hope you had a wonderful day and enjoyed the stargazing - what a lovely present :)

    Love the photos so full of life and colour as I hope your "40's" will be.

  5. Oh Chris the forties are fabulous, you are still a spring chicken, I feel you have many brilliant times ahead of you, enjoy your birthday to the full.

  6. P.s. there is no way we will agree on a Tarantula being cool haha!!

  7. Happy Birthday Chris, and many, many happy returns. :)

  8. And a happy birthday to ye'. It only gets better. Loved this post.

  9. a very happy new year wished for you, chris. a new decade of exploring. :)

  10. Happy birthday Chris, a beautiful post!

  11. Oh dear Chris Happy Birthday!
    I love stargazing too.....

  12. Happy Birthday! And I'm totally with you on the age thing. It really does keep getting better.

  13. Wonderful diversity in your pictures, different ages, races, yet they all are celebrating life, dance and music! Happy Birthday, let the wise years begin :)

  14. Oh, to be 40 again!! Happy Birthday! I love this series of photos!

  15. This is a very thoughtful post and made me stop and think about life a little bit.
    I turned 51 in the summer and you know what? I am enjoying life much more now than when I did 10-15 years ago. Age is just a number anyway :))
    Happy Happy Birthday to you - hope you had a good one.

  16. Happy Birthday, and you will find that this is the decade that you realize just who you are, and what is important to you.

    I've just left it, and in the time that I spent in my 40's I've learned a lot about myself...

    My birthday wish for you, that each year will only get better for you.


  17. Happy birthday to you. Your comments remind of some things I have learned now that I have crossed the 50 mark. Live your life not like each day could be your last, but in a way that leaves you with few regrets. As to the aging body, fix what you can, push through the rest.

  18. Happy Birthday Chris!! You will find the next decade very rewarding. The wisdom and experience that comes with age does not have to slow you down. It just enhances the dance.
    Have a joyous stargaze and some more pumpkin pie!

  19. Oh I am almost late because it is already Nov 1 here! At least you are late by half day there, so still not belated. So Happy Bird-day! I am sorry about what i previously thought, i thought you are more than that, now I know! But you are still too young to think of things for the oldies! But yes you are right, early planning is better. And i love what you said about curiosity, in me it heightens with age!

    Here, you did very well in correlating what is in your mind with the photos you put here, some are really funny. Happy Birthday and happy halloween!

  20. Well, happy birthday, my friend! Life is just beginning. It is always just beginning. Or else...aack!

  21. Well, I turned 56 on Oct. 18!!! We are practically twins!!! LOL. Yes, our bodies do keep on slowing down and aching a bit more, but you are so smart to really stop and continuously smell the roses. Life really does go by too fast, and it is nice to re-wake up each morning for all the beauty you can find. You are very mature for a 40 year old! ;) LOLOL.

    Thanks for talking about that strange seed pod(?) I showed on my blog today! It was a cool discovery I figured you would enjoy seeing!
    xoxo- Julie

  22. Happy Birthday! The 40's are wonderful...we're old enough to be considered borderline wise, but still young enough to get out and do some things. Your shots are wonderful!! The Flying Tortillas would scare me. See...the 50's make us a little afraid for other's safety since we've started experiencing some of those breaks and aches and pains. :) Enjoy life!!!

  23. Wish you a very happy birthday, and a wonderful decade ahead. (40, I remember 40, that was just before we left Switzerland for the third time)

  24. What a beautiful post, Chris! Happy Late Birthday! And congratulations on turning 40! I am happy for you because life is an adventure, and the 40s can be a wonderful leg of the trip! I am about to turn 61, and I remember my 40s fondly. I loved the photos and your comments about them...especially the Peter Pan one. And I loved the music! I am glad you went to the observatory for your birthday and embraced the beautiful universe as your gift! May you have a long and wonderful life.

  25. Hi there Chris,
    A belated Happy Birthday to you. My laptop has been virused and I have only just fixed it. Forties are a great decade to experience, as you are still young enough to get away with doing pretty much anything, and old/wise enough to know you don't have to. Hope the day was a good and fun filled one.

  26. Happy birthday Chris! Enjoy each one of the next days to come and if you happen to visit France, pass by I'll bake a birthday cake for you...


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