Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Big 3 Lenses

Today's post is more of a technical one.  Over 2 years ago, I began this blog with a VERY basic camera and you can see the quality of shots in those first posts.  BUT the camera had a video option.  I would then upgrade to a Point and Shoot Canon IS20 which would capture many of my images around El Presidio and my travels.  However, something happened.  My Point and Shoot, which is a good camera, controlled the way I saw things.  Many of you have asked me what is the equipment I use to get my shots.  I didn't think it important to discuss, but the question happened often.  So today I am going to answer with a brief description on my Top 3 lenses.  In October, my better half and I exchanged gifts.  I had graduated from my Point and Shoot camera and it was time.  It was frustrating because I wanted to focus on things that my camera thought were important.....and I didn't.  And my eye became more critical of the shots.  Today I use the Canon t3i Rebel.  I have 3 lenses.
The short lense.
All the lenses can be automatic or manual focus.  The smallest one(18-55 mm) takes excellent macros and great landscape shots.   The middle one(75-300 mm) is my favorite as it will take close ups of birds in trees and animals just far enough not to be spooked:)  It has also allowed me to look at things differently....the way I want!  I focus.  While the middle lense is my favorite, I have had to learn how to be quick with the manual focus.  That was the tricky part. The other part to this is switching the lenses quickly and bringing all of them with me on my shoots.  I now have a backpack type camera case. My tripod is always in the trunk.
The medium lense.
In Christmas, unaware of what my parents were up to, they gave me the gift of the telephoto lense.  It's longer and sits on top of my tripod for balance.  This is by far the trickiest of lenses to use as it HAS to be STABLE for a shot to happen.  But it has been excellent for far away shots.  With this lense I am able to see wildlife without them seeing me. The lense is 500 to 1000 mm! But I have to stay in one spot and that can be difficult for someone like me who has a bit of the ADD sometimes. 
The super powerful telephoto lense
So there you have it.  As this blog has developed, so have I and so has my equipment.  There is one other lense that I am looking at which has a crisper image and shoots faster than the ones I currently have. But that is next year:) For now, I am extremely satisfied with my work because I am in control of the picture and art. More tomorrow.....


  1. If I had my time again, I'd love to learn photography. However, with the gardening, cooking, brewing, banjo, motorcycles, work, foraging and drinking, I just don't have time.

    Still, I can dream...

  2. You have great equipment there. I have one my camera I am using now it is the Canon SX40IS and I love it.

  3. It's all Greek to me but I sure love the results you get. :)

  4. wow! awesome of your parents to gift you with that telephoto! just makes you plan for its use! :)

  5. Nice equipment and nice shots!
    Many greetings
    Yvonne & Raphael

  6. That's a great choice, I use the Canon T1I Rebel for the "good" shots. I still use a Kodak Easyshare for basic shots of the garden and around the yard. It is easier to handle, especially for macro.

  7. What a blessing you have in your family. Support and love for those things that interest you is such a wonderful gift.

  8. Have fun with that lot Chris! I know you will :-)

  9. Belas fotografias...Espectacular....

  10. Hi Chris, You sound like my hubby. He has an older version of your Canon--and has a camera backpack for all of his lenses and filters, etc. There is a place on the backpack for our tripod. SO--when out hiking, you and George probably look alike. ha...

    I have a Canon also similar to yours (but a step down from George's). I have two lenses (an 18-55 one and a 75-300 one).. Neither of us have that huge lens which you have --although we'd love to have one.

    When I first starting taking pictures, I never realized how much better a good camera would make... Now--I've become VERY picky--although I still just do it for fun and try not to 'fret' about the perfect picture... ha

    Thanks for sharing, Chris.

  11. Great camera and lenses.
    One step at a time, one shot at a time too. Right?

  12. I am drooling at your equipment! Getting a macro with f1.8 is already a dream, so the 1000mm is just in the fantasy. OMG, i would like to be your heir, hahaha!


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