Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Tucson Prunes

What is happiness?  On a recent photography shoot for Altrusa(Literacy for Children), I had heard a couple words being repeated over and over.....The Tucson Prunes.....The Tucson Prunes.  And there were a lot of older folk there, so I thought, "Good for them.  They found a prune they like...and in Tucson!"

Come to find out, the Tucson Prunes were divas just ready to prove that retirement should be enjoyed.  I thought for a bit because I'm not one to post a lot of people pictures on this blog but then I thought of my reader base....and I thought this just might make your day:) And I'm not going to lie, it made mine as well.  I really really smiled at this Altrusa highlight.

Their performance demonstrates that you can be sexy at any age.  Their first number caught the crowd's attention.  Funny ladies dressed up in gardening gear letting the crowd adjust to the idea of older women calling themselves "prunes!"  And it was their way of saying, "It's okay to laugh.  Just enjoy."

As the numbers went on, the women really started showing the crowd their moves.  What is happiness?  It's something you love to do.  And it's about the people who surround you.  Happiness is also dedication to that special group of people whether it be family, a spouse or a best friend.

The ladies, in my humble opinion, were no "prunes" at all.  They make me think that I have a lot to live for....that retirement isn't such a scary thing....that growing older isn't the end of the world.....but just the beginning to another exciting chapter of our lives.  If we choose this......

Many of the members are Grandmothers, wives, and active in a lot of organizations.  The Tucson Prunes meet 4 hours each week with their choreographer and rehearse.  They also cover a lot of the expenses within their group.....because it's something they love.  And you can see it on their faces while they're performing. 

As a photographer, their performance was a highlight for me and a wonderful challenge to capture all their beauty during the dance numbers.  The tricky part is choosing the pictures for the post.  There were so many wonderful shots!

And afterwards, I felt happy and rejuvinated.  Someone asked me once, "If you could go back and relive your youth, would you?"  No.  Never.  I have no regrets about that time period(and it was fun), but as I'm getting older, I'm enjoying the subtle things in life that I carelessly took for granted while I was younger. 

There are people who fear aging.  A lot of my female friends make the comments now.  "Well I don't look like that 20-something person I used to be."  My response back, "Why would you want to?" And "used to be"?!!!   Live life.  Love life.  It's the only one we have. 

These ladies are sexy.....and they show it!  Wiggle wiggle wiggle!  LOL!  Sorry I had to put that in there.  The Tucson Prunes are amazing.  Their number is (866)778-6372. 
The Tucson Prunes perform a lively, fun-filled musical comedy review at various civic, charitable, and private functions in Southern Arizona.  The group is composed of tap dancers and singers all over fifty years of age.  The rewards, along with staying sharp and physically active, come from giving the audience a smile and a song.  Life didn't end for me at 30 and now I have confirmation that it won't after 50:)  Knock on wood. More tomorrow from the garden..... 


  1. They are definitely enjoying what they do. And look what great shape they're in!

  2. Gorgeous photos Chris - so colurful and full of atmosphere and fun. Its wonderful to see people having such a good time and living life to the full whatever their age.

  3. i ADORE these women! how fun and sexy and talented! i am in that middle-age thing now - still think of myself in my 30s; fast approaching 50 and struggling with seeing my mother's face in the mirror... but i hope to keep my spirit shining thru, no matter what... :)

  4. Life is what you make of it, and it's great to see these amazing women making the most of it. Kudos to them, and to you for spreading the word about this energetic group of ladies.

  5. This is fantastic and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing it. They are beautiful, sexy and full of life! They are an inspiration to us all!

  6. This is so much fun! What a great attitude toward life - in all its stages. :)

  7. I am socked with work and out of town company and may never catch up on my favorite blogs like this one, BUT this one really makes me smile today! Hope you are having a super and WET WEEKEND! Woohoo!

  8. Hi Chris, Since I live in TN, I am not a Tucson Prune ---but I could be.. I fall into that age bracket and love doing things like that...

    I'm living proof that retirement is FABULOUS... I am having the best times of my life in retirement. How else could have be able to do the traveling and hiking and gardening and birding that I love to do!!!!!

    Thanks for a great post... Hooray for the Prunes!!!

  9. What a neat show!!! I am happy just reading your words and seeing your photos!!!

  10. Amazing! What an inspiration and a lot to think over...
    Great pictures for a good demonstration of what Life is!

    Here is a good practice for "Foix"
    Notice the spelling for "Foix/fois/foie/foi"!!!

    Il était une fois,
    Une marchande de foie,
    Qui vendait du foie,
    Dans la ville de Foix...
    Elle se dit ma foi,
    C'est la première fois
    Et la dernière fois,
    Que je vends du foie,
    Dans la ville de Foix

    (Once upon the time there was a liver meat vendor who was selling liver meat in the town of Foix... she told herself: to be homest it is the first time and the last time I am selling liver meat in the town of Foix.

    Have fun practicing!

  11. Too funny Chris! The photos are great and they are enjoying themselves.

    I do find your designation of age 50 as retirement age or possibly "the end" a bit amusing. In many professional careers, 50 is the point where gained knowledge and experience is considered most valuable. Since most folks will continue to work for another 15 years after age 50 and can expect to live for approximately 30 more years, there's a lot to look forward to after 50.

    Just a thought...

    1. There sure is. It's funny. When I was a teen or in my 20's, I thought 30 was the end of the world, but time speeds up and now I'm 40 and I'm finding life is just beginning. And I can't wait until I turn 50 or 60....there is a lot of freedom that comes with aging. I'm finding that I have to be very organized right now so that I can benefit better down the road.....but I'm having fun now:) Back home a lot of people have retired but they don't do hobbies or no exploring...they sit at home and that scares me. Living here in AZ, I see an active retirement crowd and that's the group I want to be in:) There's too much to do.

    2. The photos of the Prunes are terrific. I am a Tucson Prune and wonder if it is possible to get copies of the photos? Would the photographer please reply to me at:
      Many thanks.


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