Monday, March 26, 2012

Waiting For The Night To Fall

I had "one of those days".  In my own kingdom, I am happy, but I do not enjoy fixing everyone's problems anymore.  The days of gossip and rumours are over. TV really doesn't even interest me! But unfortuneatly at work, there are students, parents, and teachers who bombard me with the turbulent drama of the working world.  I just don't have that energy.  It may seemed detached, cold, or indifferent.......but I have come to the conclusion in my life that things will happen as they happen and that I cannot control them. And sometimes the drama from their trouble makes me feel anxious inside....and from my perspective and's not healthy.
After work, I took my camera and returned to a place that centers me and keeps me in check emotionally. And it was what I needed.  Do you ever walk quietly through a space and just listen?  I mean....really listen. I began my walk near 2 solitary American Coots and just watched them walk through the water with the sun on their backs.
Of course, the intense sounds from the thousands of blackbirds both Redwing and Yellow Headed were at times deafening!  These birds I've always glanced over on my way into the park, but today I just watched.
Slowly I made my way over to the areas inhabited by the Red Wing Blackbirds.  Loud and very Present.
There was one more still pond that had the one solitary Sandpiper.
It flew in a circle before landing.....creating silent ripples across the still water.
Yellow Headed Blackbirds covered the skies as they flew in their sunset patterns over and around my head to quickly descend and vanish into the reeds.
And there were birders. 3 to be exact.  One was a Southerner who hunted ducks and just discovered the Sweetwater Wetlands.  He was "the other" kind of birder....the one that shot ducks.  I think I understand, but I find it difficult to find beauty in killing a duck for the sport of it....and then watching them in a protected area thinking about how fun it would be to hunt them down.  I guess I use my camera to shoot pictures, but at least it doesn't kill.  He was a talkative birder who liked to say, "Amazing" a lot.  
A silent elderly couple whispered to me....wait for it:)....."There is a Phoebe over there." What is it with people and Phoebes? Is this the only place where they live?  They are a tiny(and fun to watch) little black and white bird.  It flies in small or wide circular patterns.  I tried to capture that with these pictures.
Watching this bird fly is interesting and maybe this is what draws the visitor's attention......but seriously, every birding expedition has people screaming up and down about this bird. I see them everywhere I go.  And I laugh to myself:)
Well, it is a good looking bird:)
Walking through the trees in the cool breeze, I glance Mt. Lemmon in the distance at full sunset.  The telephone poles remind me that I have to go home.  But I don't.  I listen to all the birds settle down into the reeds and the darkness take over.....and it is strangely calming.
And then the night falls and I feel better.......relaxed.


  1. dear Chris, I relate to this post so much. I think we all feel stressed and out of control at times, and for me, too, nature is the sure way of calming down and regaining my deep mindful centre. I love the colours in the photos you took and I love the reflections in the water. Glad your nature fix worked for you. cheers, cm

  2. Beautiful photos again Chris and I'm glad the walk helped you feel better.

    I too find that when I am totally stressed a walk in the countryside or even a Garden watching birds and looking at flowers and insects and taking photographs enables me to live for the moment and forget all my (or more usually other people's!!) problems. I come away then feeling far calmer.

  3. I glad you have a place to go to get away from it all and to recharge. Your photos, as always, are beautiful.

  4. these are gorgeous shots. love the reflections. we have phoebes here. they are difficult to catch on camera, though, but i love their pert little selves and their songs.

  5. Thank goodness for the natural places that can lift the daily drama that is not always of our own making.

    I smile when seeing birders get all agog over a bird I'm used to seeing, then I look again through new eyes.

    Your photos are "Amazing", no even better than that. I have difficulty capturing the birds.

  6. What a wonderful way to ground yourself. As I've mentioned before, I love Phoebes too. They are a beautifully proportioned bird. I have a pair of Says Phoebes nesting on my back porch. I think I'll go sit in the sun and enjoy some birds in my backyard. Keep finding your peace.

  7. We have redwing starlings, but their patches are a muted and subdued russet. Your redwings have flaming scarlet frilled epaulettes.

  8. Jesteś szczęściara, że masz blisko tak wspaniałe miejsce. Też bym tam wolała pójść, patrzeć na ptaki i słuchać ich śpiewu, niż oglądać telewizję. Zrobiłaś cudowne zdjęcia. Pozdrawiam.*** You are lucky that you get close to such a wonderful place. I'd prefer to go there, look at the birds and hear their singing, than watch TV. You did a wonderful picture. Yours.

  9. People do share their moods don't they. Try to share something upbeat to counter the other.
    Great bird photos. Glad you have a place to recharge.

  10. I was just talking to my daughter about this - I think we all need to connect with nature a little bit every day. it puts things into perspective somehow.

  11. Nature is very calming. I love the lighting in your images and the glow on the mountains is gorgeous. :)

  12. That's funny, Phoebes are pretty common here too. I see them all the time on our front porch in winter.

    Nature is the great equilizer isn't it, in so many ways.


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