Friday, March 16, 2012

What's In A Name Anyway?

Celebrating year two of "Las Aventuras" has been something of a work of love and art.  So where did the name come from?  What does it all mean?

"Las Aventuras" was a title that stuck in my head for a long time.  I'm a Spanish instructor and have travelled all over the world with photos and useless information that friends and family don't really care about....except me:)  So the title speaks of adventure through my eyes.  For many years, I would travel everywhere and take pictures without having a place to show them. My students benefit from this knowledge as do I, but that's really about as far as it went. "Las Aventuras" demonstrates the duality in my own life.  Spanish instructor by day; gardener at heart; a photographer, explorer and wilderness aficionado on the weekends and vacation.
Pepe, the Howler Monkey in the Amazon of Peru

When coming up with the name, I thought "Las Aventuras" was a better name than "The Adventures". I know some bloggers look at the title and think, "Oh Spanish....yuck!!:)"  Years ago Spanish dictated my life.  Today it is "fused" into my being and it's difficult to differentiate my Wisconsin and Mexican sides.  Some of my friends call me a "Bean Burrito"...white on the outside; all beany on the inside.  I'm not sure that's politically correct, but there is a message for students.  If a boy from Wisconsin could speak Spanish fluently, so could they! 
Cuzco, Pero
The exotic sound....because words are sounds....of "Las Aventuras" rolls off the tongue better than the English translation.  The truth is that we all live our adventures in different ways.  I choose for this blog to focus on the adventures of the garden, the unknown, the unexplored, travel, nature and the mystery of what is to come.  The title leaves it open for interpretation and doesn't limit me to one particular thing and allows me to track the garden progress around El Presidio. 
My camera equipment and photography skills get stronger...
If there are words that can describe this blog, it's about our inner beauty dealing with the crazy routines of our busy lives.  It's finding the time to create art and the adventure that surrounds it all.  I have a lot of questions that need answering and I will pursue those answers until my final moments of life. So I travel and travel and travel to places that have some mystery left behind them.  And it's my personal adventure of self discovery and an awakening to an inner peace that I haven't felt for a very long time. Plus writing is therapeutic. "Las Aventuras" sums all of these attitudes into a place for all to share. feels good.


  1. Great post, it is nice to learn more about you. Have a happy weekend!

  2. i believe it suits you well. :)

  3. You pulled it all together for us and explained it wonderfully. Happy travels!

  4. A fascinating post Chris, so interesting to read more of your background.

    Many congratulations on your two years of blogging! Although I don't manage to visit every day I love your blog and think you are a very special blogger. All of your posts are so imaginative and beautifully written and I am truly awed by your ability to post so frequently, visit other blogs, work, travel, garden etc etc... How DO you do it, do you have more hours in your day than the rest of us :-) it was my three year blogging anniversary last month which I carefully steered past without mention being thoroughly embarrassed by my very unimpressive amount of posts during that time. I wish you great luck for many more enjoyable blogging years though you really don't need have talent!

  5. I am discovering that I don't have the time anymore:) I am going to take Betsy up on her advice about posting every couple of days because it's a lot of work. My body is exhausted and needs a break. So thank you Betsy for your advice:) And thank you all of your for your compliments. As you'll see in a couple of days, I'll be sharing with you some of the doors that have opened because of this blog...and it's exciting.

  6. Lover of life for sure! Yeah, too many posts might decrease the love of life into a labor...please keep it up at your leisure.

  7. The perfect name for your beautiful and informative blog!

  8. Sounds a good philosophy to me. Wish I could speak Spanish, especially when I go to Spain - you know what I mean.

  9. It fits! I struggle with the little bits of Spanish I know. My husband took it in high school and college and would love to be fluent.
    My favorite photo in this post is you with the family holding the lamb!

  10. Great post and beautiful photos as always.
    Although I don't manage to visit you every day, your blog is one of my favorites.
    Wish you a wonderful weekend.
    Take care.

  11. Even mangled by an ignorant English accent, Las Aventuras rolls smoothly along, the English version jars uncomfortably. I have drifted into a weekly post. I enjoy working on that one, have time to read other blogs, work in the garden, and there IS life beyond the computer.

    1. I really like this idea. It's hard to do because I love photography so much but I think you're absolutely correct. And hey....your English accent sounds nice in your part of the world:) American English, from what I understand, can be difficult on the ears for others:)

  12. It sounds like you are living life to its very fullest, and thank you for taking us along on your adventures!

  13. Well said and I love the name. I think the title in Spanish is totally cool and it doesn't even occur to most Texans that it is 'off-putting.' I guess I live in a very blended place. We see and hear Spanish every day here in inner city Houston & I've take great strides to learn the language.
    People love to pick French and Italian names and it's seen by many as trendy. I think a Spanish name is also in this category. But more importantly, the name is rooted in your purpose for the blog...Viva la Adventuras con gusto!
    Congrats on year 2!!! You have a great blog.

  14. love it! and how awesome that you get to travel so much.

  15. Spanish would be one of the most beautiful languages in terms of sound. “Las Aventuras” sounds more fascinating with exotic atmosphere to me. Congratulations on your two years of blogging. You’re so productive and creative that I can’t keep up with you enough, however, I always enjoy visiting you. I have so much room to learn, especially something backed up by important invisible things. Keep up the good work.


  16. Happy belated blogiversary. Two years is great. And I love the name. I speak some Spanish - most folks do here in Central Texas, and love Mexico. I worked in the Mexico division of a public affairs corp for several years and traveled to Mexico City two days a week. And we've taken lots of vacations all over there until recently. Here's to another great 2 years.


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