Wednesday, March 7, 2012

La Casa De Semillas

House Finch
Bird feeders are fun.  I'm nowhere near some of you when it comes to your birding checklists:)  I'm still enjoying using my camera to capture the shots. My focus today is on "the easy".  I went for a hike in Madera Canyon a couple weeks ago, which was fun, but there wasn't much wildlife out and about.....or at least none that could be seen:) 
.....well....beyond the woodpeckers.  So I met up with an older birding couple from Ontario, Canada who were really nice......
And we watched as the birds kicked the seed all over the place......
....and while that was all going on, we had a great conversation on some of the birds they saw that day.
White Breasted Nuthatch
So I discovered the Nuthatch and the Titmouse.  It was funny.  I hiked 2 hours and saw a lot of pretty landscape but NO animals until I got off the trail.....
Acorn Woodpecker
.....where local residents put out bird seed......and it was nice to not have to work at snapping the pictures.  I just stood where I was and let the show go on.
.....and then I saw some of the most amazing the Bridled Titmouse.  A new favorite in a never ending and increasing bird list.  The Bridled Titmouse!!  What an interesting name! They were cute.  Sometimes I wish we had some of the birds that are seen elsewhere like the Blue Tit, etc.  But this was just as cool.
Bridled Titmouse
Making a strong appearance were the Gray Chested Jays.  They were in EVERYONE'S airspace today!  Still.....what a beautiful bird!
Mexican Jay
And then people wonder why we add birdfeeders to our gardens:)  I ask them back, "Why wouldn't you?"  More tomorrow....


  1. Another wonderful post from your part of the world! Thank you for sharing these gorgeous captures interspersed with your delightful commentary. We are avid bird feeders of our garden birds and squirrels, but have had to stop recently, after we started noticing several large, fat rats! We've now had to put out rat poison and hope that will get rid of the rats, so we can resume regular feeding once again. I guess it doesn't help that we have so many places for the rats to nest (compost heaps, wood piles, bark chips etc). It's not always easy getting the balance right when we start 'manipulating' nature ;)

  2. The first one is excellent Chris,
    nice captured.

    Greetings and a nice day,


  3. Ale ptaków dużo ślicznych zobaczyłaś. Sikorkę z czubkiem piórek na głowie tez bardzo lubię. Pozdrawiam. *** But a lot of beautiful birds you saw. Tit of the tip of the feathers on the head also really like. Yours.

  4. Lovely birds images, it's best at home.

  5. WOW, wonderful feeder birds. The Titmouse is cool looking. Awesome birds and photos.

  6. Great selection there Chris and really love that first shot coming into the feeder :-)

  7. Great shots! I always enjoy seeing the photos of birds in movement...something I can never capture.

  8. Nice post. I go back and forth on photographing around feeders vs. chasing off into the wild. Combining to two is ideal.
    The Bridled Titmouse is one of those face-melting birds. I saw it for the first time and couldn't stop thinking about it for days afterwards.

    Great post and photos.

  9. wow! the bridled, the gray chested and the acorn are all birds we don't get to see here! LOVE!!!

  10. I love the Bridled Titmouse! What a beautiful bird. I have mostly finches, sparrows and doves at my feeder, but occasionally I get Curved Bill Thrashers and Mocking Birds. I just love watching all the activity the feeders bring.

  11. oh that bridled a gorgeous bird..
    what bird isn't though?
    sound like you had a wonderful day
    lovely bird in motion.

  12. Hi Chris, had a bit of a garden photo session myself today, I would like to swap you a Blue Tit for one of those Bridled Tits for a while :-) Nice photo's mate.

  13. Great shots!
    Love the first shot.

  14. What great photos - nothing easy about taking a great photo. Also, that first one is ultra cool.

  15. My husband gets excited sometime when he sees a bird. He yells for me to get my camera, but I don't even try anymore - always gone just as I get the lens cap on. :(

  16. Oh My Heart.... I love those bird pictures. I've never see either a Gray Chested Jay OR a Bridled Titmouse. How gorgeous... Wow---thanks for sharing, Chris....


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