Tuesday, February 8, 2011

La Amazona

My friend Jen and I had the pleasure of meeting a local by the name of Pepe.  He quickly fell in love with Jen.  Howler Monkeys are amazing creatures.

While digging through papers for my taxes, I found two more rolls of film.  They are the very last remnants of my old camera.  During my trip to the Amazon in 2008, I filmed our locations using 3 different cameras.  Here are several more shots of our experiences in the Amazon rain forest.....

I hate rolls of film because you are kind of "blind" when taking the shots.  This pic above is of a morphos butterfly in its' natural setting.  Here's the close-up.  Look below.  See if you can spot this large electric blue butterfly with its' wings closed.

Camouflage is found among the forest's inhabitants.

We woke up super early to get this shot. Note the following...white steam rising from the rain forest floor. This was one of the many beautiful moments of the rain forest.
The Walking Tree that moves several inches every year.

Endless miles of jaguar, caiman, macaw, tapir, capybyra dominated rivers.....

The only way into the forest is by canoe or boat. Your mind goes empty by the natural beauty which surrounds you.

A breeze under the shade of your long canoe along the river allows you to snap pics of monkeys and other fauna without disturbing their habitat.

Some fun in the jungle

Butterflies love clay along the river.....

Incredible shots of color

Follow the stairs up and discover a whole new world!

Hope you enjoyed these pics.  Spring is just around the corner:)

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  1. Beautiful pictures...Though I have to say I particularly like the howler monkey!


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