Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hamilton Pool

Hamilton Pool, near Austin Texas

Hot and sticky....but green....Austin Texas.  I was shocked by how green the entire city was during the summer.  For awhile, it was America's best kept secret until this 2nd "Silicon Valley" emerged.  It's still a beautiful, but expensive, city with lots of water holes and amazing gardens, but back then, no one knew about this place. 
Watch your feet...we spotted this little guy taking a sip from this pool

 It was a wonderful swim on this very humid day. 
Austin and Tucson have similiar gardening requirements.  They obviously can grow different things with a tad more water than we have to work with here in the desert.  Austin is gardening zone 8 and Tucson is 9.  Some minor differences, but a lot of the same principles apply to our gardening techniques.

For more information on Hamilton Pool, click here:

Speaking of things Texan, the video below is from one of my favorite shows to watch out of Austin, Central Texas Gardener with host Tom Spencer.  If you use Youtube, you can watch the weekly episodes that are normally posted Wedesday.  It's one of my weekend morning rituals.


  1. That's a great shot of Hamilton Pool. I've been there a long time ago. As far the show...yes, I like it as well thought it's a summer activity. School paperwork is currently at a blizzard level...just like the weather outside.
    Low expected tonight: 24 in town and 21 outside of town. Ugh. David/ Tropical tExanan

  2. I hear you on the papers.....yuck! I hate grading. I hope that you covered up all your plants. Came fom school today and moved all the pots into the shed and covered plants. cross your fingers no one freezes!


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