Sunday, February 13, 2011


While technically not a bulb, but rather a rhizome, this plant can be treated as if it were a bulb.  This plant is unique in that it requires a good amount of sun.  I plant the rhizome as if it were a bulb, but canna requires almost full sun where the elephant ear or caladium would burn.  It can be grown in the ground, planter or pot with loose and rich soil.  Canna does really well in Tucson.  It dies back in winter but comes back again in late Spring.  This plant adds that tropical punch needed in your garden.  Plant with other tropicals.  Do not plant in a shadier spot or in hard soil.  It loves rich soil and it needs to be watered regularly once the leaves start appearing on the plant.  It's an extremely easy plant to grow and is definitely recommended for beginning gardeners or people new to Tucson.  This plant is particularly useful in the "thriller, filler, spiller" idea for pots as it acts as the "thriller" part of this idea.  It grows quickly, but be careful putting it with tropicals sensitive to direct sun like the elephant ears or caladiums.  I like to put the canna with sweet potato vine or another sun friendly tropical plant.  Gardeners can find this plant in stores now around Tucson.  Stay tuned for more bulbs for the garden.  Tomorrow I am going to focus on hostas and gladiolas.  Until tomorrow.....


  1. The color is very sweet. I only have the orange/yellow and red variety.

  2. I adore cannas. My dad had a mixed bed of all sorts of colours. But this one is gorgeous. I have never seen that colour.

  3. This pink canna is so beautiful. I have yellows and reds, plus the blessing of seeing them flower all year around.


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