Thursday, February 17, 2011


Sometimes it's about the nature of flora and sometimes it's about the nature of fauna.  On the last stretch of my hike, I came upon 2 roadrunners that were curious and watching me take pictures. Well, we both were curious of each other.  Here is my 3rd blog on curiosity.  Tomorrow's blog revolves around the video shoot in the canyon.  I try to diversify these blogs a little so I don't get stuck writing about the same thing over and over again.   As a teacher, mentor, and human being, I like to switch it up a bit and not take myself too seriously.  However at the end of the day, it always come down to what I've positively done in my world today. And of course the overall view of my life is "What you leave behind" if my take on pics or poetry aren't up to your likings, I'll be going back to other adventures in the garden.:)

"Curiosity" From the perspective of the Roadrunner by Chris Rohrer
                                                "What is this I see......

                                                              ..........standing right before me?
Should I be concerned

from what this stranger's learned?
Of curiosity both shared
between two worlds scared.

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