Sunday, July 6, 2014

To Drift Upon A Cloud

I cannot fly.  I do not have wings.  Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to float, hover, glide or rocket across the sky. 

Common Tern
If I were a tern, I could do all of these things.

Black Tern
I would wear the mask of the Cedar Waxwing to simulate the goggles worn by old fighter plane pilots. 

Cedar Waxwing
 At times I would need to float on water or stop on a twig to rest. But I am not a bird.  Just a person who likes to dream. 

Black Scoter-female
So instead we found ourselves carried by mechanical wings. As the desert faded into the sunset, we drifted among the clouds. An adventure. 

When the mechanical bird landed to rest, we found ourselves surrounded by an emerald forest that went on as far as our eyes could see. 

Not long after, we met up with the ocean and her cool breezes.  It was also here I met up with my birding partner and friend in crime, Kathie.  Together we would cover some ground in the state of Maine.

What would we discover?  Our adventures begin. 


  1. Excellent pictures have a good trip.

  2. Good morning Chris,
    I often look up at the birds, and the incredible freedom they have with the ability to fly, and wish we could do the same. I come to the conclusion that it's better left to them, as I can unfortunately imagine what man would end up doing with the birds domain. Some beautiful pictures, have fun.

  3. Aventures, adventures...
    If you could fly? Imagine just a second having to photograph and itemize all these bipeds!

  4. Don't keep us waiting to long for some results and stories!Enjoy catching up with each others lives.

  5. Chris, lovely post. Gorgeous shots of the birds in flight... I already know(from facebook) you had a great time birding with Kathie..Happy birding, have a great week!

  6. Great pictures. Looks like a great start to birding Maine. Such a fun and awesome state!

  7. I just love the crazy paint job on that old Cessna, Chris.

    Great to see you teaming up with Kathie again. Have a wonderful time!

  8. Hi Chris!:) Beautifully written and photographed to wet our appetites for more.Have a safe trip!
    Warm Regards.

  9. So glad you were able to meet up with Kathie again - look forward to reading all about your adventures :)

  10. Great pictures - terns really are masters of the air - I have been watching some in the last few days.

    Sorry for slow reply - hectic weeks!

    Cheers - Stewart M

  11. Nicely done, Christopher Rohrer. No need to tell you that I already miss you! the days flew by too fast!

  12. Knowing Kathie, and being from Maine, I can already tell this is going to be one grand adventure!

  13. Love the color patterns on your 'bird' transport. So glad you got east to visit Kathie, and bird.

  14. I kept checking your blog for a new post, and looking for a comment on this and that bird post, but you were gone. I wondered what far place had swept you away! I knew there would be amazing photos after your return. But, once you returned, I had gone. We had thirteen days (and no computer) in Four Corners, Utah and Colorado. Didn't see many birds, but got some great photos of the scenery. Now I have some catching up to do with you! And, I hope you will look at my Magnificent hummer post and also the Dusky Seaside Sparrow post. I had really wanted your comments on those two posts I made before we left. Plus now I have started posting about the trip. Glad you had an amazing trip! We did too, though not in a birding way. I can't wait to look at the posts I've missed!


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