Friday, July 11, 2014

The Lost Pond

Though the rover may rove
His passage she does break.

"Can you hear the secret whispers across my waters? Immerse yourself in this moment.
Let the universe unfold around you." 

Keen-eyed, he watches
As the long-winged sentries hover
And his feathered addictions serenade.

In that moment of forever
He delights in her hidden kingdom; 
Lost within her mystic beauty. 

The world begins to darken.
Drops of balsam rain fall upon his face 
And he knows that his journey must continue.

Sweetly she sings, "Good-bye wanderer!"
He glimpses back once more to remember 
But she is gone.  

Hidden and secret, 
She remains forgotten. 

Kathie has some special friends visit her hat. 
Author's note. I love all the learning that goes on behind the scenes. There is science to be learned. And there is data to be collected.  But that's not only what this journey is about.  When I look back at it all, I probably won't remember the numbers or birds seen.  I will remember the experience and feeling behind those very special moments.  And I cannot lie. I fell in love with New Hampshire. 

The Lost Pond
by Chris Rohrer


  1. You are very fortunate to have such special people in your life.
    Moving any time soon? ;)

    1. This place may have turned my eye to those magical mountains:) but for now I love my desert too much:)

  2. What a wonderfully written post with excellent photographs. Love the shots of Kathie with her friend!! Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Lovely post, Chris! I know Kathie was happy to be able to go birding with you, once again! Have a happy weekend!

  4. Beautiful photos and words Chris. So glad you had such a great time and had chance to go birding with Kathie again.

  5. There is magic in your words and in these images.Lovely photo of your good friend Kathie with the dragonfly.

  6. Classic photo of Kathie :) I do find it funny that she has a bug repellent coil on the front of her hat and a huge bug on the side of her hat!!

  7. Chris, did you write that poem? It is so wonderful! I just love it! Oh, and your photos are pretty good too! ;-)

    BTW, your orange flowers are hawkweed. I am so glad you had such a poetic time!

  8. P.S. Celeste, me too! But it did keep the mosquitoes away!

  9. Thanks for the ID! Yes, I wrote it. I like to think of it as a free write:) This was a beautiful space that captivated my imagination.

  10. A very beautiful post, Chris - there's nothing more to say!

  11. I'll bet you did Chris. And do you know what? Those pictures could quite easily be The New Forest, Hampshire, England. Those pioneers must have been pretty homesick.

  12. bright orange hawkweed. Ours are a buttery yellow.

  13. Such beautiful romantic poetry, Chris! What a wonderful lost pond in New Hampshire, that stirred your emotions so sweetly. Lovely photos, too.

    Yes, we were amazingly fortunate to see the Magnificent hummer at Madera Canyon, and get so many photos! We are extremely fortunate to have such a perfect birding state to discover and explore!


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