Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Setting Goals

Mom and Dad with my nephew Orion
I am currently working on the 2014 birding season for next year. Meanwhile I'm finishing up the year beyond my expectations.  At the beginning of the 2013 year, I wanted to set out and find 150 life birds. Instead, I found over 200 new birds! Sometimes, I needed a  birder friend to call on for help:) Currently, I have seen 416 different species around the US, Mexico and Guatemala. My goals were met.

Pike's Peak
The limitations are always the, time, and of course, a full time job.  I think I am getting better with balancing it all out, but I still find myself biting my nails when something new flies into the area that I can't chase while at work. However, the new year looks to be an exciting one. 

So I am scheduling various places to study around the US. The prairies, Hawaii and Alaska will have to wait....for now.

In many ways, it's rather strange.  The US for me has always been rather...meh!, but by putting the birds into the picture, it has changed my views on my country.  And it has opened my eyes to all the cool and wonderful National and State Parks!  Plus, being a birder, means you see things that most people never get to see.

Mountain Chickadee
In January, I will be working in the grasslands on several projects learning about sparrows.  In February, we head to Sandia Crest in New Mexico to find the 3 incredible Rosy Finches.  In March, I'm off to Florida to visit a friend and bird along the ocean and water areas.  In April, it's off to Rocky Point, Mexico for some fun around the coast. Then in June, I'll be heading off to Maine with Pat for a couple weeks to visit Kathie.  So for the first half of the year, it's going to be busy!  And of course, there will be budgeting:)

Pygmy Nuthatch
And in between there will be road trips from around the state of Arizona and perhaps beyond.

Me properly ID'ing a Yellow-rump Warbler

I'll be releasing two more posts from the 2013 season highlighting some of the fun and spectacular bird events that happened from around Guatemala, Arizona, Colorado and Wisconsin. 

As we close out this new year, I'd like to take the time and thank you all for following Las Aventuras.  Whether you just read, comment or both on the posts, you encourage me with your kind words of support.

Clark's Nutcracker
I am currently working on the prototype for my first "coffee table" book.  It was exciting to put together and review all the incredible things we've done over this year.  Have you done something similar? 

Luna supervises

So for now, I hope everyone isn't stressing out with the holiday craziness.  It will get done.  It always does:)  Just be careful driving out there.

I'll be closing off the year with 2 more posts and then I'll see you back next year several times a month.  We all tend to take a break from blogger in December anyway.

Western Bluebird
Most of the pics today were taken by the other member of the "Las Aventuras" team.....Micheal Ada.  I wasn't feeling up to photography on this day.  I just wanted to bird and relax:)  But I was still demanding:)  "Get that angle!"  "No!!!!  Aim and zoom on this one!"  Oh I can be a mess sometimes:)

Williamson's Sapsucker(male)
Setting goals for the new year relaxes my mind a bit.  It's all about pushing it to the next step whether it be at home or abroad. And remember......whether it be rain or snow this time of year.........

.....always wear strange non-matching-weather-smart clothing, carry a colorful umbrella on those cloudy gray days......

My nephews Liam and Sawyer
.....and make sure you share it with someone you love.  Until next next time....


  1. Hi Chris, I'm so glad I got to meet you at the CBC. You are an inspiration with your birding dedication. I don't always comment on your blog, but I do always enjoy reading it. You do have amazing adventures!

  2. You'll have a pretty busy year 2014!
    So we'll have fun visiting your blog to see what you are up to with your birding and adventures.
    I am thinking of you these days trying to catch with my 18-135 this robbin who is playing hide and seek while I am thinning the hedges of our new home.

  3. The photos today are superb Chris!
    I hope the new year is extra special for you and your hopes and dreams come true.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Great post and photos, Chris! Sounds like you have some nice trips to look forward to, beside the local birding. Enjoy!

  5. Great advice!

    Be well and I'll watch for those future posts.

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  7. Thanks everyone!!:) Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season. Carole, it was so great meeting you on Sunday! I hope we get to bird again:)

  8. Good luck with your goals for next year. I've set some too, but a little more modest!

  9. Isn't planning half the fun. I love your line up for the first half of the year. No wonder you didn't have time to go to South Africa with me.

    Michael is a good phootgrapher, if someone isn't back seat driving. ;)

    Merry Christmas.

  10. :) Krueger National will happen:) And hopefully next summer:)

  11. Wow! So many things to juggle - looks like the full time job just HAS to go!! You're right - birding DOES add an extra layer & new perspective to holidays, travels and life!! Enjoy your Xmas break!!

  12. Hi Chris, Your plans for 2014 sound amazing. But I do have one question: HOW can you take off from a full-time job to do something each month??? Are those just short week-end trips--or what??? You must have a very flexible job! That is awesome…

    You and Michael must make a great team. Since you love to look for birds and he loves to photograph, how much better could it get?

    Happy 2014 to you two --and I hope that you have a tremendous Christmas. Tomorrow is my last blog til January!!


  13. Hey Betsy! You have a Merry Christmas as well with Mr. George:) One of the few benefits in teaching is that we have scheduled "mini" breaks each month which will allow me to explore:)

  14. Miałeś wspaniały 2013 rok, a na 2014 masz wielkie plany i życzę ich spełnienia. Pozdrawiam serdecznie.
    You had a great 2013 years, and for 2014 have big plans and I wish you meet them. Yours sincerely.

  15. Hi Chris. Many thanks for an interesting and inspiring blog in 2013. May your 2014 be as successful, if not more so! I'm impressed by your advance planning.

    Wishing you a great Christmas.


  16. A beautiful post Chris with some superb photos. Sounds like 2014 is going to be a busy year - glad you'll get chance to meet up with Kathie again :)

    Wishing you a Very Happy Christmas and New Year - may all your dreams and plans come true :)

  17. I'm so jealous of your nomadic lifestyle! 2014 sounds fantastic! Awesome that you saw so many different birds this year! Your life list is awesome!


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