Friday, December 6, 2013

Las Huellas Del Pasado

The great pyramids of Tikal
When one thing leads into the next, I begin to make connections on a universal level. 

Brown Jay
While all of it appears, smells, tastes and feels differently; it really is the same. We are all the same.

I noticed how the wildlife clung to these ancient pyramids.  The extremely rare Orange-breasted Falcon actually nested on one of them.  A very special and sacred moment to witness in the wild. We could lose these birds in the very near future. 

White-nosed Coati
Human kind will come.  And human kind will go.  And we will be the cause of our own extinction if we are not careful.  I now see in person what is happening on our planet.....and it is overwhelming.

Orange-breasted Falcon
During this day of VERY rare and special finds in Tikal, it all made sense. We are not islands anymore. We are all connected. What happens in one place affects us all.

"Someday we'll fall down and weep...and we'll understand it all, all things"  
from the Tree of Life (Two students created a video for a project in my literature class back in 2011)


  1. Nie masz miłej wizji przyszłości, ale zgadzam się z Tobą i jestem przerażona. Pozdrawiam.
    Do not have a pleasant vision of the future, but I agree with you and I'm terrified. Yours.

  2. Love this post, Chris! I wish people would wake up and see what they are doing to our planet. Cool shots of the birds and the Coati. Happy birding and have a great weekend!

  3. Oh to have an epiphany beneath a tree.

  4. So much true :-( as long as the beauty and Nature and communication exist we can and must help...

  5. It's sobering to think how close we come to destroying it all through stupidity and inertia. And even more sobering to think we are just a blip on the radar of time - I just hope we don't have an early exit!

  6. A thought-provoking post Chris. It saddens me deeply the damage our species continues to do to our planet:( I just wish more people would wake up and try and do something to prevent it.


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