Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Perchance to Dream

Roseate Spoonbill
So many wonderful birds out there......where does one begin?

Military Macaw
They come in every color shape and form.

I imagine standing in the grand vistas of the world.  The sunny bright arctic circle.  The snowy dark forests of Canada.  The Egyptian deserts. The Himalayan mountains. The Congolese rain forest.  How am I going to find some of these birds safely without getting hurt?  Several are in dangerous zones around Africa and Asia. To name just a few.....

Scarlet Ibis
I imagine that there are people who think the same things.  They would love to be in Arizona searching for "my" birds. For to them, it too, is foreign.   As a boy, I dreamed of these things.  In my twenties, everyday was different and crazy.  In my thirties, I paid for those twenties.  In my forties, I am alive again. There comes a time when you realize that there aren't as many days ahead of you as there are behind.  And so I wake up every day with the hope of discovering something new.

Rosy-billed Pochard
National Geographic magazines exposed me to the world at large.  I read my Ranger Ricks, Arizona Highways, and National Geographics the minute they arrived in the mail.

Red-capped Cardinal
With limited money, the birder has to be super choosy.......which place will give me the most bang for my buck? 

I love birding new locales because they have the potential for so many exciting finds.  I especially love birding spots that have never been birded before!   
Black-necked Swan
As a new year approaches, I am sketching out a North American route......Florida, Maine, California, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Utah.....and who knows where else?  Alaska may have to wait.

Greater Rhea

Nicobar Pigeon
I worry that some of these birds will not be around when I finally can afford the time and money to see them.  Afterall, 10,000 is a big number.  Could I see them all?

Then there is the photography part.  Having a nice stock photo in my files makes me breathe easier.  I like having detailed shots of all my birds, but as many of us know, lighting conditions, movement, or even the color of the bird's feathers can have an impact on the photo. Perhaps it's like collecting baseball cards?  I would just like to observe the birds without having to worry about getting the pics because carrying the camera around can also be an unnecessary weight.  Knowing I have a solid pic makes the birdwatching experience much better.

Spotted-thick Knee
So I went to our local zoo.  This time was different.  It was to study birds as a student again.  Learning new names.  Preparing new dreams.  New adventures.

Emerald Starling
The details.  Ugh the details.  It's easy to dream big.  But travel to the Congo or Senegal to find this Blue-bellied Roller?  It's possible.  But to dream is to plan and put thought into action. The details again.

Blue-bellied Roller
Islands of birds.  The greatest obstacle?  People.  Some are friendly.  Some are at war.  Some continue to kill the very birds sought.

Victoria-crowned Pigeon
I left the zoo with heavy thoughts.  Just because something is difficult doesn't mean it can't be done.  I've done it in countless other places.  While viewing a Hoatzin in the Oxbow lakes from the Amazon in Peru, we were careful of piranhas, large swimming anacondas or giant otters swimming around us.  But humans?  That's a different story.  What is Asia like?  Parts of Africa?  The Middle East?  For now, I will continue my studies on foreign and exotic birds.  For now I'll dream.  The details will come later.

Taveta Golden Weaver
I'm linking to Wild Bird Wednesday...the perfect place to check out birds from around our planet!


  1. Great photos - such a variety of birds and so many exotic places to look for them! Right now I am just happy to get out in my own "patch" and watch the birds that have returned from their own journeys.Familiar - yes - but good to know that some things are still the same!

  2. You really need to join me in South Africa for a whole new list of beautiful lifers.

  3. Niech się Twoje marzenia spełniają. Widziałeś wiele ptaków, ale chcesz więcej, więc niech tak się stanie. Uwielbiam ptaka z pierwszego zdjecia, za jego zabawny dziób. Pozdrawiam.
    Let your dreams come true. You saw a lot of birds, but want more, so let it be done. I love the bird with the first image, its funny beak. Yours.

  4. So many wonderful birds! I hope you'll have the opportunity to go on many adventures all around the world.

  5. Preciosas aves sobre todo la espátula rosada. Impresionante.. Saludillos..

  6. this morning you've showed me some new birds and they're such a treat!

  7. All beautiful birds Chris and wonderful shots of them.
    Plan for what you can see. The rest will fall into place. Trust me on that one.

  8. Some realy great shots, your travels must be something of an experiance.

  9. I love these exotic birds. what a wonderful variety. The Red-capped Cardinal is lovely. Great shots.

  10. You got some great shots! I think if I could only choose one place to go birding, it would be South Africa.

  11. I think I am torn between trying to go to Arizona, California, and British Columbia.

  12. spoonbill has such a big beak

  13. What beautiful birds. How fortunate to be able to travel and see more birds. I have plenty to see here but would jump at the chance to bird chase. MB

  14. Hi Kreesh friend, yes they are all beautiful and very colorful. I love most that blue pigeon, i haven't seen it even in zoos, amazing! Are you still birding and not staying for a while in the house during the holidays?

  15. There's no harm in dreaming or even fantasising occasionally Chris and it is great to simply get out birding, new ones ot not for me. Enjoyed your pictures so much, so many exotics but I'm a sucker for rollers or thick knees. Hey imagine telling a non-birder you're into thick knees and rollers!

  16. Its great to dream. Some lovely photos to inspire us too. Come to Australia - lots of new birds and generally safe!

  17. Wow---the Red-capped Cardinal caught my attention.. What a beauty.. I looked it up --and it's somewhere in South America --so I assume you saw this beauty this past summer.

    IF anyone can see as many birds as possible in a lifetime, it would be YOU… Good Luck!!!!!!


  18. That's quite a variety of birds! May your quest bring you many new sights.

  19. A beautiful set of photos with a great selection of birds Chris :) Keep dreaming and planning :)

  20. Hi Chris. Absolutely fantastic selection of wonderful birds in this post. I hope all your dreams will come true.

  21. Great set of birds! I agree with the earlier comment - come to Australia!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  22. Seems to me that zoos can be dangerous places in themselves, Chris! They tempt you to go places that only the intrepid traveller should visit.

    Super photos of mouth-watering birds! Something didn't seem right, and I was starting to wonder where the heck you'd been to see these - and then you mentioned the zoo!!

    Just in case I don't get round to your blog again before 25th - have a great Christmas, and may many of your dreams be fulfilled in 2014.

  23. Hope you have a great finish to the end of your year! Thanks for the well wishes......and yes.....Australia, Stewart, is quite the temptation:)

  24. What a variety of colorful birds, the Red-capped Cardinal is new to me. Beautiful portraits!


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