Friday, May 3, 2013

Sólo Existe Hoy

Black-throated Gray Warbler
                             Making that first step onto new soil can be so invigorating for the soul.

                                         What lies ahead?  What remains behind?
                                Will this be the last time I see this place?  Or will I visit again?
                                Warblers dance among the branches.  Flycatchers dart around them.
Ash-throated Flycatcher
  And when one sits and ponders the greater picture, it all seems to connect somehow. So now I make the time to really see.  Take the time to walk.  Shake the bad energy.  And wake the artist from within.
                                          There is only today.  So I must make it count.
                                     Photos today are from Mittry Lake near Yuma, Arizona


  1. you are so right
    balance is what we seek
    in a creative life
    and we have to pay the bills
    both neccessary for life
    Bad energy....walk away from that
    and pay attention to your intuition
    ...beautiful warbler
    I love warbler's visits
    you have to pay attention to see them
    as you do all good things and blessings in life
    I think there are fewer of them passing through here..sad
    ....even the crows have not returned from west nile virus
    I'll be in Wisconsin next week
    ....yeah, oh the sunsets in Ellison Bay...Ill think of you

  2. Your spirit touches my heart, Chris. You're a talented artist, intelligent human and an inspiration to so many. Thanks for always sharing your photos and thoughts for us to voyeur.

  3. Great words and pictures Chris!

  4. It's really all about living in the Now.

  5. Great post, Chris! And your photos of the warbler and flycatcher are awesome! Happy Birding!

  6. Balance is everything, right?
    What i like most in birds usually is their hairdo :-)

  7. A very reflective post today Chris..onwards and upwards oui! I have a feeling with your new lens you will be unstoppable!

  8. You've created a blog that adores nature, and teaches us to fly.


  9. Beautiful! Your surrondings are so diverse. Desert to lush green around a lake. I can see why the birds are so diverse.

  10. Great photos and great words Chris.

  11. Hi Chris, I haven't been to your blog is such a long time and I'm sorry about that. Your pictures, as usual, are wonderful. You captured those wee birds really well.
    Thanks for your comment on my post recently. :)

  12. A very philosophical post Chris, and some great photos of fabulous birds. Wonderful!

  13. I like that, "wake the artist from within!" Pure poetry!

  14. Capturing the moments for that artist within...hard to do sometimes. Balance...elusive. But life is after all a journey, and each days's step is what's, there is always tomorrow. :-)


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