Monday, May 6, 2013

Truck Stop Hookup

Brewer's Sparrow
What are truck stops really?  Or "Rest areas"? For some people, they are annoying breaks on a long trip. For example, Mom or Dad are driving from Texas with 3 kids.  It's been a grueling 8 hour drive and little Joey "has to use the bathroom".  Their destination is only 20 minutes away but Joey has to stop!  So they do.  Thirty minutes later, the annoyed drivers get back on the highway. So maybe we make a quick stop to walk around, grab a bite to eat, or use the bathroom.  Some people use them to get a little shut eye while others search for love.  Gotta wonder about that last part.  But to bird??? 
Greater Earless Lizard
Kathie suggested we stop and to be honest, I was all for it because it was such a beautiful area to take a little walk.  We hadn't birded together for some time plus I was itchin' to use my Pat's new camera. 

We had discovered so many wonderful birds at this place that we ended spending an hour walking around the parking area! 

House Sparrow screaming for attention!
There were 2 or 3 water treatment areas surrounded by great mesquite trees along with bugs galore and lots of warblers, flycatchers, ducks and other birds to boot!
Ash-throated Flycatcher
Our destination would have to wait as we were inundated by all of these birds.  We both don't mind stopping when there is high activity.
The rest stop is full of scenic rocks that make many people stop to say "oooooo":)
Dusky Flycatcher
On this day, the Dusky Flycatcher would finally make for some great pictures.  Although it did prove difficult at first, I was able to get the ID shots.
The new camera is great in that I can close in at 300 mm and pull back to 28 mm and still keep all the detail in the photos.
Now while we didn't pick up any strange characters at this rest stop, we did pic up great observations on so many things.
Kathie and I worked a mesquite for the Wilson's Warbler. The point to this story?  Truck stops or rest stops make for great birding.   Stay tuned for more.....
Wilson's Warbler
Mallard 5
Turkey Vulture 26

Swainson's Hawk 1

Red-tailed Hawk 2

White-winged Dove 1

White-throated Swift 6

Dusky Flycatcher 2

Ash-throated Flycatcher 1

Cassin's Kingbird 4

Barn Swallow 2

Curve-billed Thrasher 2

Yellow Warbler 1

Yellow-rumped Warbler 5

Wilson's Warbler 1

Chipping Sparrow 2

Brewer's Sparrow 1

Black-headed Grosbeak 2

House Finch 4

House Sparrow 30


  1. nice way to take advantage of a rest stop!

  2. You and Kathie do make the most of your day. Glad you found another spot for birding. Great photos and I love the Wilson's Warbler!

  3. I think the birds are starting to find YOU!

  4. You definitely made good use of a rest area! The shots are all very good.

  5. Chris, what a great way to start our birding day! I was as surprised as you at all the birds we saw here! Nice shots, BTW! glad you got your Dusky and the Ash-throated is really nice too!

  6. It is amazing on the variety of bird life in odd places. But only a birder will see and appreciate it like the 2 of you did! Great way to spend an hour!

  7. Nature finds a way to fit in every nook and cranny of the land we take away. Love the little birds that flit in and out of our lives.

  8. So many rest areas are surrounded by natural areas it sure makes sense to be good birding. Nice job with Pat's camera.

  9. Beautiful place to stop for a while and wonderful wildlife. Great photos - like the lizard :)

  10. "screaming for attention" I like this.
    Pat's camera is sweet.

  11. I had no idea truck stops could be such good spots for birding! But then again, everyone needs to refuel!

  12. I like the photo of the sparrow screaming for attention! A real 'action' photo.

  13. What a thrilling stop with all these marvelous finds! Great captures, as always!


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