Thursday, May 17, 2012

Picture It

How do I envision retirement?
 Picture it.  Tucson, 2027.  I'm sitting on these chairs with my ice cold mojito with freshly clipped mint leaves from my garden.  No need for cushions on these chairs because I am wearing a nicely padded adult diaper. 
 I'm watching our neighbor's Palo Verde tree drop lots and lots of pollen and flowers.  I snort two sprays of Flonase to help with my allergies.
Since I don't work, I can start focusing on my art.  Placing strange plants together from hanging baskets.
No stressed coworkers or adminstrators worrying about school performance, class sizes, budget cuts etc etc etc.  The nastiest it gets around here is from our freeloading hummer who screams at me to refill his feeder.
 Why do so many people retire in Arizona?  Look at the views and you'll see why it's a popular destination.
Cooper's Hawk
 Of course I'll have to watch out for that Cooper's Hawk who is eyeing me up in the Mesquite.  If I close my eyes for one second; it may be my last as the Angel of Death swoops down on my body.  I suppose I'll have to watch the amount of mojitos I drink. 
But then I think, why wait until retirement?  Why not enjoy life now?  Leave work at work and live each day to the fullest.   Summer break will begin soon!!


  1. Retirement, ugh. I love the Coopers Hawk, superb.

  2. You had me laughing at the adult diaper and snorting flonase. I wouldn't mind having the hummers screaming at me though and a summer break from work and the beautiful view. Great post, I really enjoyed the photos and the words.

  3. Lovely photos, lovely dreams! Always nice to dream Chris but yes, live in the moment...' "What day is it?" "It's today," squeaked Piglet.
    "My favorite day," said Pooh.'
    (A.A. Milne)

  4. made me laugh - and your parting thought is so true.

  5. Beautiful mountain view, flowers, birds and words of wisdom. Enjoy your day. :)

  6. I can tell you're ready for school to be over for the summer so you can start your semi-retirement, without the diapers I hope. Now go refill that hummingbird feeder.

  7. Love your sense of humor and terrific captures, Chris.. eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow may never come.

  8. I did laugh at the first part of your post Chris and totally agree with your final sentiments :) Superb photos. Have a lovely weekend!

  9. Cute post, Chris... Luckily though, so far, I don't have to wear diapers!!!! BUT--I am a happy retiree here in Tennessee... People seem to go to Florida or Arizona for the good weather. Me??? I couldn't stand the heat... It's hot enough here in the summer as is --but that's only a few months... I also LOVE winters (mild ones like we have) ---so I guess I'll just stay retired here in the gorgeous mountains...

  10. Exactly, including diapers and flonase! May as well enjoy things now, including a garden and all it brings in. Just like landscaping one's own property or space for now, not later to sell it!

  11. Wonderful post, great shots and words.

  12. I don't ever think of retirement. There's too much to do and see. Too much to accomplish. I have no intention of going to one of those retirement villages where the guys sit around telling war stories and playing golf, only to grow older quicker.

    1. I know what you mean. I view it as a new chapter and a change of jobs....but something that I'd enjoy doing. My Grandmother says that she'd die first before they placed her in the living hell of a retirement farm. War stories and playing golf...or walking up and down a pool in fixed up hair with long fingernails is not her thing:) And I don't it would be mine as well. Plus golf sucks.

  13. Ha ha on your "padded" seat. :)


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