Friday, February 3, 2012


The Female Desert Cardinal
Happiness is sanity.  This blog is sanity. Here is a mini break before I continue on with more of my work from around the world and a set of photo shoots from around town on the MOST EXCELLENT LANDSCAPES OF TUCSON!  Well in my opinion.  Those writings and photos are coming, but these are places that inspire me to think, read, and drink....and not necessarily in that order:)  I hope you enjoy that series.  Things are warming up in the Old Pueblo and gardeners are itching to get out there and do some planting. March. Think March. For now, enjoy these cool February thoughts.....
Saguaro in decline
"A place where nobody dared to go
The love that we came to know
They call it Xanadu
And now
Open your eyes and see
What we have made is real
We are in Xanadu"
Enduring the cold
A million lights are dancing
And there you are
A shooting star
An everlasting world
And you're here with me
Xanadu, Xanadu!
Agave victoriae
For you, Xanadu
The love
The echoes of long ago
You needed the world to know
They are in Xanadu
The dream
That came through a million years
That lived on through all the tears
It came to Xanadu" Olivia Newton John and ELO

Cheese-tastic!  More tomorrow....and there's an owl involved:)


  1. Lovely photos again! The little Cardinal is so pretty.

    I really enjoyed the post featuring the Cranes too. Incidentally, you really should get a mobile phone, you would feel so much safer when you are in the middle of nowhere... providing you can get a signal of course :-)

  2. the saguaro almost looked like a sculpture. :)

  3. nice shots.....
    and I'm itching here too, in Illinois, to get into the garden and dig

  4. Lovely series of images! Glorious close ups of the pretty female cardinal and the fluffed dove. I love the interesting patterns, textures and colors in the saguaro and agave photographs. A joy to visit your wonderful blog!

  5. Lovely shots! The saguaro and the agave are really superb in their own way! DeeBee

  6. Love that old dead saguaro! And boy that song video made me feel old! LOL

  7. I am sorry I am so behind in my comments but promise to catch up and I just had to stop by and sigh at the Cardinal photo.


  8. WONDERFUL! I love Olivia Newton John and this is one of my favorite songs. Super post.


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