Saturday, February 11, 2012

Le Louvre and Surrounding Areas

Back in Paris, we did more hiking around the central areas of the city and it was really quite nice.  However, let me state that there was A LOT of walking.  There was also a lot to see.  If you are interested in what Paris has to offer, I recommend spending at least 4-5 days to get a fuller experience.  Of course, one could spend much more time if needed.
The Seine River
If you are an art aficionado, you won't want to miss the internationally famous Le Louvre(Loov-rah or just lay loov:)  I don't speak any French.  I'm actually terrible at it.  Spanish, Portuguese, and Kriolu and that's it.  But one night at a Paris cafe, I drank lots of red wine and I understood all of the French and was able to have a conversation with people.  I don't know what was in the wine, but it was exciting and even my friend, who teaches French, witnessed the act.  To this day, I don't know how it happened, but I spoke French fluently.  Perhaps the message here is drink lots of red wine when traveling abroad:)  And I may sound like an alcoholic here, but I'm not.....this is not denial either:), but French wine is divine:) But as quick as the French fairy touched my tongue with her magic wand, the spell had worn off by morning.
Yeah, it was pretty romantic all of it.  Expensive city, but romantic.  I am a huge Egyptian aficionado and we are planning a trip to this country next year if everything works out politically there. But walking around the park near Le Louvre brings back good memories. 
Egyptian Magic in Paris
But you need to spend several days at Le Louvre if you are into art.  Quite simply, this place is way too big to see in one day.  We spent just one day....ONE DAY!!!! on one wing of the building.  Yes this is a massive museum.  Depending on the time of day or season you visit, you may have to wait in line.  But again, it all depends on when you go.  There wasn't a huge line when we went. Even if you're not a fan of art or museums, this is still a place to visit.  I'm big into Egyptian statues and mummies....and Paris for some reason has a lot of Egyptian artifacts!  We also saw famous Spanish painters because that's one of my specialties in my job as a Spanish guru.  Never used to be but the job made me be.
Near Le Louvre
"What about the Mona Lisa?  Did you see the Mona Lisa?"  I'm sorry to disappoint but I didn't.  That line was outrageous.  And my feet were already killing me.
More Egyptian stuff in Le Louvre
Of course if you ever leave the museum, there are lots of other places to visit like Notre-Dame.  I didn't see the hunchback, but I certainly saw a lot of tourists and religious stuff.  Not really into any of it, but the place is definitely cool and should be witnessed in person.  The shot below is one of my favorites from that trip. It was dark inside and the little light that entered this ancient building came through this spectacular window.
Notre-Dame de Paris
Anyone remember Edith Hope from blogger a couple years back? Her last post was on April of 2011. She was really a unique writer and her blog was quite fabulous.  Whatever happened to her?  Well, when I look at this statue below, I think of her because several of her avatar pics resemble this statue.  On a side note, I always wonder why a blogger stops writing and disappears off the blogosphere without telling you why.....they become friends who you share your morning cup of coffee with each day.  When Edith said she was leaving and said goodbye, I was a bit sad.  I had taken her writing, comments and posts for granted. Today I hope she is alright and happy.
At the Louvre Park
And of course, let's not forget to mention how massive some of these paintings are at Le Loov:)  I'm sorry Thérèse(Tournefeuille A to Z) for my terrible French manners:)  I only wish I could speak French well but some things were never meant to be.  My friend stands next to the painting to demonstrate how large some of these paintings are.  Some take up entire building walls!!!!  There are couches to sit on so that you can look at the depth and scope on each painting.  Pretty impressive art gallery.  Still the largest I've ever seen!
Inside the Le Louvre
There you have it! I'd like to apologize to my plant specific friends on this blog for ignoring garden posts and ideas at El Presidio.  But I'll be back in March talking about all the projects and work I've been doing around our place.  I still LOVE plants and gardening and it's still what I'm good at.....but the birding, nature excursions and travel are things that enrich the experiences:)


  1. I LOVE this post! I was expecting it as you wrote on my stained glass post of couple of weeks ago that you would be publishing on Notre-Dame's windows! I also love your reference to French wine and that it made you feel happy and as a "native French speaker" :)It always works!! And yes it is a pity that you didn't see Mona Lisa as she is really beautiful, but on the other hand you would most likely have been disappointed as she is small and you have to queue in line to see her!
    Next time you must, especially if you happen to be in Paris when they put its "twin painting" next to her.
    You certainly read that they discovered that there was a 2nd painting (which they knew about for years) but they have now asserted that it had been painting by Vinci's first assistant with the help of the Master, and at the same time than Mona Lisa! Hope I don't bore you but I like all this stuff!! :)

  2. Hi Rohrerbot,
    Paris, what can one say about it? One of my favourite cities, and was lucky enough to visit again last year. I would go again today if I could. Walking about is the only way to see the place properly eh? Did you see the love locks covering some of the bridges?

  3. I am so entertained by your travels. You have a wonderful way of writing and I almost feel as though I am there. I love the story of the red wine and the French Fairy. :) I am also touched by your reflections of your disappearing blogger friend. I feel the same way...they become our friends.

  4. Another fabulous post and once again, your delightful sense of humor shines through giving it personality :) In the three days I stayed in Paris in the early 70's, I was fortunate enough to see the Moma Lisa face to face. But, I'm afraid it seemed to me to be a great big disappointment after all the hype. Such a small painting! The Notre-Dame's stained glass window you've featured is breathtakingly lovely.

  5. i love the idea of 'speaking in tongues' with the help of red wine! i believe you must have been taken over by a French spirit. :)

  6. Beautiful photos and sounds like you enjoyed yourself. Paris is a wonderful city with an overwhelming amount to see and do.

    The secret to seeing the Mona Lisa and other famous treasures is to go on Wednesday evening when the museum is open until 21:45. Except for the guards and a few Parisians with annual passes you will have the place to yourself.

  7. I'm really loving your stories of your travels in France - fascinating information about Paris. The stained glass window at Notre Dame is stunningly beautiful and I love the red wine story!

  8. I agree...your posts are being there with you..and french speaking..ha ha...that must have been a hoot...and Yes..I miss Edith very much..what a lady...but I think she got bored with us ..with it...she got out of it what she wanted..seems almost a challenge to her to do it for the length of time that she did...but I do miss her wonderful words..I suspect that she was really MC Beaton...her writing sounded so much like her character....Agatha Raisin
    I asked her about it and she said she nothing of this writer..ha

  9. Hi Chris, you do write so entertainingly. The red wine incident was so funny! I love red wine and would love to speak French fluently so perhaps I should try your method, even if it doesn't work it would be fun trying ;-) perhaps not worth the sore head though!!!

    I used to sometimes look at Edith Hope's blog, it was certainly unusual!

    Lovely photos again, the stained glass is beautiful.

    I also enjoyed the Cranes on the last post, what a lot there were!!

  10. Enjoyed walking around Paris with you. : )
    Funny about speaking French after drinking wine. Maybe I should try that!!
    I've had blogger friends too who have just stopped posting who I miss. I've made the decision to quit a time or two but miss it and always come back again!

  11. No need to apologize... I love seeing places around the world through the visitor's eyes. I've never been to Paris so it is nice to hear about it and see the remarkable structures and landscape. (I wonder the same thing about bloggers who disappear~~ some as fast as they came on the scene).

  12. My husband saw all these places on his tour in the Navy. I have to live vicariously through him...and you. But now high on my Bucket List is going to Paris, drinking French wine and learning to speak French for a night.


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