Tuesday, February 7, 2012


If any place can transport you to another time, it's the Provence region of southeastern France.  It's romantic, wonderful, sensual, and my absolute favorite place to spend a little time:)  Today you'll see this place in winter and summer as you did with the Paris shots.  It's truly an incredible visit and you won't want to miss this stop on your adventures to France.
The Rocking Horse
Most countries sell stupid touristy stuff, but I found it quite the opposite in France where you'll find lovely fabrics, perfumes, wines and other licours.  The atmosphere around the place is timeless and you'll truly enjoy the walks during the day.
The above pic is taken outside the castle walls of Avignon, France.  It's actually outside the city.  This is a great place to stay for all your day trip fun!  The places are unique and OLD!  The restaurants are picturesque.  The food divine.  And the people are so friendly here!
This is a poor pic from our hotel in downtown Avignon and as you can see it's a place that's all about clowns. And quite frankly, clowns scare me!!  But it had a lot of interesting architecture and design.  Definitely a unique place to stay! 
I couldn't decide if I liked this place during winter or summer, but I have to say that driving through fields of lavender is pretty incredible.  The smells were some of my favorite.  Blues and yellows are popular provinicial colors that make great additions to any Southwestern homes and garden design. 

This is a place I'd go back again and again and again.......it's that amazing.


  1. What a wonderful tour. Looks like a beautiful place to visit. I would love the fields of lavender. Thanks for sharing your trip. Lovely photos.

  2. It looks like a wonderful place. I can almost smell the lavender...

  3. so, where is my perfume? ")

    Is it just here in Prvence or France in general?
    Your photos are wonderful...
    where have you not been?

    1. LOL:) Definitely the area to buy perfume. I spent too much on it for my mom. But my sisters ended up stealing the bottles from her:) We went to a place called Fragonard where I was nearly trampled by Germans and Italians trying to get to one particular perfume. I have so many places I want to see and not enough time and money. So what do I do in the meantime? Searching for a Great Horned Owl to film this weekend. Crossing my fingers. I was so excited last night from several birding reports that I couldn't sleep. I think I can find the nest. Okay...I have to work now:( Students will be coming soon. Enjoy your morning. I'll be correcting compositions in Spanish. Not fun.

    2. I lost my heart in Provence. Now you have reminded me of the heartache and beauty all over again! Oh sigh...

  4. Such a beautiful place. When we do travel again it will be to see Provence. Some say the countryside there is similar to central Texas.

    Good luck finding your owl this weekend.

  5. i love the stone buildings and the ivy. pretty.

  6. A lovely 'Olde Worlde' place Rohrerbot ! When you coming to visit us ? :-)

  7. A wonderful place to be!
    Nice photos! It looks like out of a different time..
    Many greetings from Switzerland
    Yvonne & Raphael

  8. No to w podróżach mamy wspólne spotkanie. Też byłam w pięknej Prowansji :-). Moje zdjęcia,które Tobie się podobają, to tylko zdjęcie żywego kwiatka na tle kwiatka z monitora komputera. Miałam inne plany, ale dzień był pochmurny, więc znalazłam światło w monitorze. Pozdrawiam. *** polskinorweskiangielski
    So we have to travel a joint meeting. I was in a beautiful Provence :-). My photos that you like, just picture a live flower to flower with the background of my computer monitor. I had other plans, but the day was cloudy, so I found a light in the monitor. Yours.

  9. Lovely Photographs.
    This also remind me of the river front shops in Savannah,GA ,USA.

  10. I think Provence is near Strasbourg, where i was lucky to visit. You should visit Strasbourg too, it is also an old place and famous for the Alzace wine. I envy your trip, i can visualize your description of driving with the fields of lavender giving those very calming scents. How lovely, i am sure it feels so great. May i join your trip somewhere sometime? LOL

  11. Have you seen the mini-series "A Year in Provence"?
    Let's go!

  12. These photos are lovely. It looks like my kind of place - maybe a bit more quiet than some of the other cities one might visit? I will definitely be coming to you for more tips if I ever go to France!

  13. I'm so envious of you and your travels!


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