Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nice is Nice!!!!

 One would think that I'd take a million pictures from this resort area along the French Riviera, but alas, it was not meant to be.   Today I conclude my last adventures in France back in 2005.  I really had a lovely time here.  The people were a bit um....what's the word I'm looking for while I'm trying to be polite....uppity?, but I think that's generally true of all people in touristy areas.  I think I'd get fed up with tourists after awhile as well:)  The food is delicious and the times were fun.  Here we are on the Mediterranean enjoying a boat ride.  This fascinating port town has a lot to offer.  But like Las Vegas, it charges double during high tourist season. France is an expensive country to visit.
 Thousands of people flock to this town during the summer and enjoy the rocky beaches of the Mediterranian sea.  It was strange for me because I had never seen people enjoying a shoreline on a rocky beach, but they all brought mats with them to protect their almost nude bodies.  Well some were completely nude.  Again a mix of cultures and attitudes.   My only regrets about this trip were not taking more pictures of the lovely homes and gardens around the area.  There are a lot of latin influences here and this town is really something special when it comes to design.  There were times I felt like I had been walking around places in Mexico or Chile. The food is way tastier here as well.
But mostly, beyond being traumatized by men wearing banana hammocks on the beach(some things men should never wear!), I think I was in love with the charm of Nice's gardens.  Overlooking the city on top, you'll find this waterfall cascading near a lush and exotic garden.  It's a beautiful walk to the top of the hill.  And it was here that I fell in love with Nice.
 And when you turn around, this is what you'll see from on top of that hill.  Bring some cash as it can be pricey, but be ready to see one of France's premiere destinations.  I'm still a smalltown boy though and much prefer the quieter and more country like Avignon anyday. However, this was a fun visit.
Overview of Nice France


  1. Beautiful pictures!!
    Do you want to change locations with me?
    It is cold and snowy in Toronto, Canada:)

  2. Hello,
    Wonderful all these pictures of your holiday.
    Very nice to see you in the boat with a significant speed. A fantastic view over the water with the mountains at the background. You must have be a great time there. Nice shots!!

    Greetings, Marco

  3. Thanks for the lovely tour. Looks like a beautiful place and a fun place to visit. Loved the photos.

  4. Nice is nice indeed. I have visited France before and had some trouble not being able to speak nor read the language. I had thought most people spoke English but I was wrong.

  5. I love your comment on the local French who are the same with us "nordists" :)) don't worry, and on the beach menswear...I entirely agree with you!lol

  6. The falls are breathtaking! The boat ride looks like a lot of fun on that beautiful blue. Great picture of all of you!

  7. that is a gorgeous waterfall. almost succeeded washing my eyes out of the visual you gave of men wearing hammocks...

  8. Nicea to przede wszystkim piękne miasto ( byłam), plaża nie podobała mi się specjalnie.Piękne zdjęcia, a szczególnie wodospadu. Pozdrawiam. *** Nice is above all a beautiful city (I was), the beach I did not like specjalnie.Piękne photos, especially the waterfall. Yours.

  9. The waterfall looks lovely but I think I'd find the tourists, prices and rocky beaches rather off-putting too. makes one appreciate to pleasantness of everyday life in our own comfortable surrounds.

  10. Beautiful places especially the beach! The tasty food is a bonus. Love to be there at Nice one day.

  11. Thanks for showing us a glimpse of that famous place. For an armchair traveler like me, this is an education.

  12. Thanks for showing a glimpse of Nice for amrchair travelers like me.



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