Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Taste of What's To Come

Greetings all,
I just wanted to answer a bunch of questions from readers real quick.  Things have been busy here....I mean really busy!  It's spring and I've discovered that I've had to schedule my life....not around blogging but around the million things going on here in Tucson.  I don't have kids so that's one less distraction in my life.  A lot of my gardening blogger friends have been wondering if I will be featuring more on the garden and spring here in the desert.  The answer is yes and they are already done.  They're coming soon....and more are in the works.
Maps of trails cover my desk and table.  Birding, Arizona events and hiking will be featured next month.  Some of the posts will have to be switched around to keep them current with activities around the state.   I also have updates from the El Presidio Garden.  The simple truth is that this winter has been mild and while I've been working around the property and gardens, not much has been going on....yet.  But it will be happening very soon as I believe spring has unofficially arrived here in Tucson. 
 Finally, I'll be answering some technical questions about my camera and the lenses etc. These will all be featured next month.  There is a lot of information to share and some photo shoots that I am truly excited to share with you all.  So while the garden has been in hibernation, the birding has been hot! And it has been fun playing detective on a lot of leads around town and other areas. The pictures you see today are from yesterday at the Renaissance Fair near Florence.  They actually have a raptor program within the festival that was cleverly intertwined with the theme of the Renaissance.  I'll have more information coming up on this show and several others.  One is on birding.  The second is on photography.  And the 3rd will be on the event itself.  PS.  This is an Eagle Owl.  They do not live here, BUT it was a great opportunity to work on my owl photography(which I have more of!!!:)  I'm learning the flight patterns for a better shot in midair, etc.  Incredible creatures and some wonderful captures of birds, Tucson, the garden, travel, and so much more as we approach the month of March.  Until tomorrow.....


  1. Great shots of the beauty!
    I've never heard of Eagle Owl before.

  2. These are lovely! You know how I love my owls. ;)

  3. The Eagle Owl is a lutton for big appetite, it is big enough to carry away lambs. I think they are worth it. Love your Owl Chris.

  4. You are a man on the go - and maybe just a little tease. LOL. I'll certainly be back!

  5. Hi Kreesh, i still remember a few months ago and you said you still don't know how to use a DSLR, then you got one, and then immediately you are already showing us magnificent shots! Even birding, which is not easy to do for the camera. Oh how i wish i have macro lens and long lens for birds, that means i need money first before getting them, haha! But those owls are scary, my friend caught an owlet when it fall from the nest and he doesnt know how to return it to the parents, but it is so cute. If i were him, i might not return it to the wild as it really looks like a cuddly pet.

    1. You are too kind Andrea. I'm still learning. Lots of trial and error. My goodness! Thankfully your friend was able to catch the owlet and I'm assuming knowing what to feed it. The bird presented in these pics was also saved. Maybe there is a program or refuge to help your friend out that would care for the bird? Otherwise, s/he will have a friend for life eating all the rodents around the house. I've spoken with several of these programs and they really do a great job giving these little owls a second chance. If that owl is the same as the one above, it will grow VERY large. It has been known to break a human arm. Very powerful owl. I've been learning a lot about these birds and I'm realizing they deserve a lot of respect:) Hope you are well my friend. It's good to hear from you.

  6. When reading your posts I am often wondering when you find time to sleep!

  7. You sound as busy as we are... It's just THAT time of year. Our yardwork becomes very important in spring... But--like you, I have so many different interests (gardening-flowers, hiking, traveling, birding, etc.).... Life is so busy--but don't we love it????

  8. After a short warm spell, the cold returned with a vengeance today in my part of the world. Eagle Owl is first to me. He looks wise and majestic.

    I’ve been amazed how creative and productive you are in blogging while keeping you busy in other things. Keep up the good work.



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