Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Every Day

Rawson's Metalmark
So much routine and stress!  During the week, I do the same thing over and over. This, of course, is added with the wedding stuff, my crazy neighbor, and paying bills!  Somehow, I know I'll get through it all, but for now, I look forward to going to bed and sleeping every night.  The weekend usually arrives and my energy is completely zapped.  By Sunday, I have a little energy return for a little birding close to home.

A Greater Roadrunner overlooks the canyon
I hate those days as well because they fly by so quickly and I wish I had more time to play outside!

Bell's Vireo
SO I spent several hours planning for this 3 day holiday weekend.  I had planned on going up to the cooler rainy town of Greer to do some birding.  I had my tent ready to go but by the time we would  have arrived there on Friday, all the non-reservable campsites would have be gone!

juvi Rock Squirrel
So.....I needed to come up with a Plan B.  And it had to be cool! Next weekend, I'll show you where we went:)

So in my moments of solitude, I just dream of expeditions near and far.

Then a magical moment happened this past week.  I'm so familiar with everything around me that my eyes gravitate towards the unusual.  In my neighborhood that I've been a part of now for 8 years in midtown Tucson, I discover Javelina just a block away from our place!!!!!!!

I'm usually up early and the first one on the road on my way to work each day.  Of course, I didn't have my great camera with me but I am thankful that I had my cell phone.  I pulled over and watched my day begin with java and javelinas. What a great way to start the day!  Such an unexpected sighting for this part of town.

After they leave, I put my car into drive and begin my 45 minute trek across town towards work.


  1. Some great shots there, Chris. The butterfly in that first image looks utterly spectacular. The young Rock Squirrel is just plain cute! The bug (whatever it is) is very smart, and the Javelinas are something else!

    Don't let the pressure get to you - there's nothing life-threatening in there! All will turn out well

    My very best wishes - - - - Richard

  2. Great photos Chris - the butterfly is stunning and the Rock Squirrel unbelievably cute :)

    Its horrible when you have so much pressures on your time and you can't get out and do what you really want to do but these times pass and hopefully, you'll get more time to relax soon.

  3. Gorgeous shots of the butterflies, a cute little rock squirrel and an amazing insect shot. - Congrats on the Javelina, they are different animals and not something I would ever see where I live.

  4. Chris, that first picture is fantastic! I love it! You do have a great life, in spite of all the stress! I know you will figure it all out! Can't wait to see you in October!

  5. I hate to compare but you do have an exciting life! I do like the picture with javelinas... they seem to be in a long long line of javelinas even if they are only two of them...

  6. I have wanted to see javelinas since we moved here four and a half years ago! We saw a ton of them on the side of the road on the move out (we were still in Texas) late at night, babies too. But I have yet to see one here. Love your beautiful bird and butterfly photos. And you look very mature and wise in your selfie. :-) Hope you had a great weekend away. We haven't been on vacation all summer, and now that it's fall have a couple of things planned. More on that later.

  7. Great way to start the day ... We saw Javelinas in the National Parks near Tucson ...a whole family group once.

  8. Please, please at your city walking rare animals. Only envy. Beautiful butterfly. Regards.

  9. Wildlife adapting to the urban areas. Such interesting creatures. By the way, that baby squirrel is tooooo cute.


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