Friday, September 11, 2015

Sanity Of The Mind

Coue's Deer
Let the eyes wander. Glance into the skies above.  

Cave Creek Canyon
Look far.  Look close. Breathe deeply.  

Gall on oak
I wander.  I stray.  I stay the course.  I look forward. Backwards. Glance sideways. 

Blue-throated Hummingbird
For out there in the great beyond lies something deeper and full of meaning. 

Rustler Park
Or maybe there is no meaning at all. But even that carries with it a truth. 

Birders at Rustler Park
Each day, I open my eyes and shake the blankets off.  What will be my story today? I begin with a solid cup of coffee. 

Magnificent Hummingbird
I forget at times that I am an outsider. They feed. They fly. They migrate. I am lost in their flight patterns. Circle. Spin. Dash. Zip. My eyes are mesmerized by their crazy sky dances. 

Hermit Warbler
Time is fluid. It trickles from one moment to the next. One cycle after another. One drop joined to another flowing forever down a path.

Mexican Chickadee
Nature is art. It has meaning.  

Hermit Warbler
It is my therapy. 

Magill makes eye contact with two young male Coue's Deer
Proximity blurs lines. Mammals, birds and all. 

We find peace together. Away from the chaos. Our own personal sanctum. 

The photography featured today is from beautiful Portal, Arizona. 


  1. Great to see the revival of the poet in you, Chris!

    If your beautiful images are truly representative of Portal, Arizona, I want to go there - NOW !!!!!

    Best wishes - - - - Richard

  2. Enjoyed this blog very much, Chris!

  3. Very nice post - a great mix of pictures and words.

    cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  4. Portal looks like a marvelous place to get lost in for a while.

  5. Beautiful post and images which I really enjoyed.


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