Monday, March 25, 2013

Patient Observations

Greater Roadrunner
As we approach April, I find myself with 212 birds on the list for this year.  Now that's pretty good, but if you're playing this as a game or competition, it's not good enough:)  While on my journeys, I've really found some wonderful birds up close and personal.
Northern Rough-winged Swallows
Of course, some I see often, but I can't help but take their pictures.
Northern Mockingbird
With spring in full force down here in Tucson, we're finding lots of birds displaying courtship behaviors.
Many of these birds are singing out on the limbs of trees and bushes trying to find the love of their life.
This really has allowed me to get closer to the birds and snap the shots.
Gila Woodpecker
If you just sit, like I did with Kathie, the birds will come right up to you.  And that's when these normally difficult to film birds come out and jump very close to us.  We had so much fun snapping shots of sparrows, towhees and quail!
Black-throated Sparrow
We've been attracting attention lately observing birds.  Tourists find us and ask us questions like, "Any good birds?"  "What do you see?"  Then they try to take shots of the birds after they've scared them away.  Several younger kids went to photograph the Gambel's Quail.  But if you sit and wait....
Canyon Towhee
They will come to you!!!  It's been difficult to lose the curious and oblivious tourists on this quest to find birds.
Gambel's Quail(male)
Before I was polite.  Now I just walk away as quick as I can.

Recently on a birding trip, Kathie met several people who followed her blog.  It's always exciting meeting  everyone, but take a look at what was going on while she was chatting.....
Kathie and the Acorn Woodpecker
An Acorn Woodpecker was at the feeder!  She didn't see the bird because she was excited to meet the nice couple.  But I couldn't help and take a snapshot of her chatting while the bird took advantage of the distraction!!    That made me have a good laugh.  When she finished talking and turned her head, the bird made her jump as he flew off the feeder. "Oh my gosh, there was a bird next to my head."  Yes there was Ms. Brown.  Yes there was:) And a Northern Harrier flew over your head:)
Don't get me wrong.  I love people.  I wouldn't work with people if I didn't find them interesting BUT as a wildlife photographer, I want to get as close as I can to my target bird without the distractions.   The details are breathtaking on these big and small birds.  It requires extreme focus and QUIET!
I was in love with our photo shoots on this day.  The birds were fabulous as were the walks.  
Song Sparrow
Not all days are successful, but some days, the finds are exciting and the pics are terrific.
Common Merganser(female or hen)
Right now, I have some photography that will be published out of Brazil on UNESCO sites.  And there's a potential art show getting put together with my work in Quito, Ecuador for next summer.  Now that would be an epic birding trip for 2014!  I'd have some work on display at a gallery and then I could go around the country for epic treks.  Life is good and it's becoming more and more fantastic as time goes on.
But for now, my focus stays in Arizona as I hunt down as many species as I can within our beautiful state.
the Great Egret
Life truly is an adventure.  Since this photo shoot, we've had some epic journeys into the mountains and canyons.  There have been incredible finds.  Where will we be next?  Stay tuned for more.  


  1. sounds like you're on a winning roll! :) love these birds. the roadrunner is a fave, of course. LOVE that handsome black-throated sparrow! wow! and always love the quail!

  2. Very nice photos Chris; you've got a great sampling of the different desert fare, and then a little bit extra too : )

    Good luck with the upcoming events. That sounds amazing!

  3. Wow Chris and Congrats for your sale and showing. I think a trip south is in your cards. I'd have to bird solo or I'd never be quiet enough to see anything. ;)

  4. You can neither go wrong for a happy day when you meet either a roadrunner or a gambel's quail.

  5. Chris, it must be a great time for birding there. I love the Roadrunner, it is on my must see list of birds. Great shot of Kathie with the woodie. Happy Birding!

  6. Some great photos and sightings there Chris.

    Well done on the photography news - life sounds very exciting for you just now :)

  7. Great sightings Chris.

    Like you I enjoy people but when I am on birds I wish they wouldn't get so close and scare away the birds.

    But even when I come home without photos I am grateful for being out in nature.

  8. One of my things to do is get a photo of a Roadrunner. Almost once, but he was too fast for me. Another time. These are really pretty photos.

  9. Qué variedad de pajarillos tan bonitos.. Te felicito.. Un saludo desde Madrid

  10. Great photos, Chris... The Quail is an interesting looking bird, isn't it? When I was younger, I never knew (or even thought) that there were SO MANY different birds... Wow!!!!

    Love the Roadrunner... So glad I got his picture when I was in Arkansas....Hope you get a Clark's Nutcracker sometime.


    1. Chris, maybe you will get a Clark's this weekend?

  11. Great photos Chris. We haven't seen a roadrunner here in a while since there was road construction. I hope they come back. There's been at least two great horned owls in the trees, we see and hear them but can't get close for photos.

    You have found so many different birds in your area, just a beautiful list.

  12. Chris, the timing on this post is perfect since I just posted about some of these same birds from our visit to Saguaro National Park! Great pics as always! Interesting observations!

  13. Impressive # for the years count at this early point in the year. Wonderful sightings and photos. Love the black-throated sparrow and canyon towhee.

  14. 212 ptaków różnych ptaków, to dla mnie wynik wspaniały. Można tylko Cię podziwiać za to. Bardzo podoba mi się ptak ze stojącymi piórkami na głowie. Pozdrawiam.
    212 birds of various birds, a great result for me. One can only admire you for it. I really like the bird with feathers standing on his head. Yours.

  15. You got that Egret in a cool pose! I love the Quails too. A lot of interesting birds I would not get to see here.

  16. The photo of her talking while you got the bird is great. So many awesome birds you've captured.

  17. These shots are wonderful. I don't think I've ever seen an egret with their feathers out like that. Adore it!

  18. Now that was some shoot Chris. Great images of a fabulous assortment of birds. I love that quail!

  19. Great series of birds, love the roadrunner, and nice to catch a picture of Kathie in the background too.

  20. Fabulous photos! Too bad people don't see the relationship between quiet and nature, I can understand your frustration. Congratulations on all your birding work, hope the future brings you even more.

  21. It's always a pleasure to visit your wonderful blog because I get to view birds that are not often seen in the Midwest. Love the cool Roadrunner, Gambel's Quail and Black-throated Sparrow. They all are beautiful, though. Terrific post, Chris!

  22. I know how you feel Chris, whenever I get up early and make the trip down to the hides at Herdsman Lake, will just get settled and a group or family will arrive on bikes, have a quick look and then off, meanwhile scaring away every bird for! what can you do. I need more patience! You have captured some beauties here, as you say the colour and markings are exquisite. Have a wonderful Easter Chris..four days of birding?

  23. I've gotten behind with you, for some reason! Loved these photos! The roadrunner shot is awesome. I had a Pyhruloxia (sp?)in my yard early last year and then never saw him again after about a month. I'm not sure why he didn't continue to visit. Hope you had a great Easter weekend.


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