Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Renaissance of Our Own

I love the book series, "A Game of Thrones".  I also love Tolkien....and Star Trek.....and BSG.....Assassin's Creed....Batman.....well you get the idea:)  I'm a nerd.  My father recently came to visit us in sunny Arizona and we took him to the very fun Renaissance Faire!
I love artsy photography and my Dad loves beer.  Well he is from Wisconsin:) And so it made for a perfect day!
During the day, we went to a variety of shows and it was so much fun hanging out with my Dad and getting lost in make believe.
Of course, I love them birds.  They had a great Birds of Prey show and I decided to get some wonderful shots of these beautiful creatures.  Peregrine Falcons are around Tucson often, but this Swainson's Hawk will be returning soon.  I have yet to see one of these gorgeous hawks in the wild!!!  I cannot wait:)
I saw this man craft his pottery.....
This man tell jokes......
My father have a good laugh with the priest telling dirty jokes.....
This young woman's natural beauty and wit.....
This Peregine Falcon's catlike curiousity.......
This woman's magical interpretation of peace and tranquility.....
This lady giving fashion advice for those needing some....
And while we were there, I forgot about time and had a great day with my Dad and Pat.
The Renaissance Faire happens every weekend until the end of March.  Buy your tickets at Fry's as they are cheaper.  Parking is free.  It's a fun road trip for the day with some beautiful landscape.  And our wildflower season has just begun......


  1. Great photos of the events and your dad! Looks like you all had a fun time.

  2. We have a living statue at our local fair every year too

  3. Your renaissance fair looks fun! I still haven't seen the AZ wildflowers specifically, but not sure this will be a good year.

    1. I'm not sure yet either....BUT.....with the rains, it might be a good year. Much better than last. We shall see:)

  4. How fun! My friends and family all went about 5 years in a row in costume to the Ren Faire! Great bird shots too! I know you all loved it!

  5. Love it. Wish I'd be back in time to visit. You'll get that hawk shot in the field I'm sure.

  6. A fun family day! The list of the birds you haven't seen yet in the wild seems to be shorter by the day.

  7. To był z pewnością cudowny i zabawny dzień i wszyscy byli zadowoleni. Ty miałeś nawet okazję zrobić wspaniałe zdjęcie ptaka. Pozdrawiam.
    It was certainly a wonderful and fun day and everyone was happy. You even had the opportunity to get a great picture bird. Yours.

  8. Looks like it was a perfect day of building memories!

  9. That looks like a lot of fun. Love the Falcon portrait.

  10. Fantastic portraits! The new header is just amazing.

  11. Two thumbs up for that hair do from me ;-)

  12. Nice captures of each moment! Good for you and your father having such a perfect day with such a lot of fun.


  13. Hey Chris, glad to see all is well! Love the new wise owl head shot, peaceful and reflective. Keep loving life :)

  14. Wonderful photos Chris capturing the essence of what looks a great day out with your dad and Pat :)

  15. I have heard that the Renaissance Faire is delightful! Glad to see your photos of some of the people and events. Looks like your Dad had a great time, too. What a wonderful thing to do while he was here!


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