Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Summer Matinee

                                                           "Lights, camera, ACTION!"
                                    "Looking good Mr. Yarrow  for your photo shoot.  Just one more."
"Excuse me??  We are in the middle of a photoshoot Ms. Thang!  It's not your turn yet!"
"Will someone please escort her off the set!!!  Does she think she has to be in every scene??!!! Prima Donna!"
"Oh nice of you to show up.  Did you have a late night last night??!"
"You're heading the wrong way.  The set is over there!"
"Now just keep following that road until you hit the set in Ramsey Canyon.  We'll see you there."  "Actors", the director thinks to himself.
"Props to the set designer.  Nice work!"
"You look Magnificent!   One more shot!"
"Where are the Smurfs???!!!"
"I can barely see you.  Can you move out a little more?"
Acorn Woodpecker
"Excellent.  Wait!!!???  What's all the commotion going on in the background??!!!"
"Mam, could you please keep your kid in line.  All of our set is distracted by that kid!"
"What?  Yes, I know the little one is cute but I'm trying to do a job."
"So if you'd kindly move on, I'd appreciate it.  Your scene will be up next!"
"Child actors."
"Um......we need clean up on aisle 7!  When I say "run a scene", I certainly don't mean that!" What the hell did he eat?
"Cut!!!  Please do not interrupt the scene!  I'm going home!  Maybe tomorrow will be better."
Tomorrow, I have a little fun. My series over the next several days is called Summer Matinee and I can't wait to show you what I was able to capture on the camera.  But I couldn't let these shots go....especially the hummer with the runs!  I laughed so hard when it happened that I blurred the shot!"  If you haven't been to Ramsey Canyon, you've got to go.  What a real treat!  So turn off your cell phones and no talking....or you'll be escorted out of the theater.  AND WE WILL DO IT!:)  Summer matinee begins tomorrow.


  1. I like the pic of the curious hummingbird. While they always seem busy and determined in carrying out their chores of feeding, guard duty and nest building, they are the one bird that I've noticed who take time out from instinct driven duties to independently take time out and pursue some puzzles of life. There's no real purpose or reasons in their personal investigative detours, they just want to satisfy their curiosity on something that distracted them momentarily.

  2. Nice set of pictures Chirs - another good day out. Is that an Acorn Woodpecker? It's a stunner whatever it is.

    1. Hi Phil, yep that's the Acorn Woodpecker. They are fun to watch. I have a bunch more coming up.

  3. Wonderful post!!It's great that you captured so many wild creatures,and you made me smile too.
    Keep happy,

  4. Fun post, I really enjoyed the matinee. Great show. I do love the cute spotted fawns, they are adorable. I can not pick a favorite photo, they are all wonderful. Have a wonderful day!

  5. Thanks! That was fun! I do like your sense of humor and will be back for more!

  6. This was lots of fun with such great pictures! Love that fawn.

  7. Muy bonitas imágenes y muy bellos paisajes.. Un saludillo

  8. Beautiful scenery, lovely pictures!

  9. Great series, very entertaining, and the commentary is priceless! I look forward to more.

  10. Oh, I'm in stitches! Too cute and funny. Perfect captions for all your shots and I love the story told. Looking forward (as always) to tomorrow.

  11. Wow... you did a good job on this. What fun. I love all the action with the hummingbirds. Hummer attacking a lizard. Hmmm... there could be a sequal to this movie.

  12. I love the scenery in the photos! Good job Chris!

  13. great commentary, and wonderful photos - I wondered what that was following the hummer...

  14. Nice preview to the matinee. I'm making popcorn.

  15. What a lovely post, it's nice you treated the post that way, so funny! They seem to be exactly where you want them to with nice backgrounds as well, like the curved road. You are so lucky! I didn't know that these hummingbirds don't have hygienic ethics, haha! And you serendipitously got the evidence!

  16. Brilliant post Chris. Loved the commentary - couldn't stop laughing :) The deer photos are particularly lovely:) Look forward to the next in the series!

  17. What a great idea for this set of photos! Imaging TRYING to corral nature into place for a photo shoot? Yet, here you've gone and done it :) I love your 8th shot of the hummingbird on the branch, looks like a Japanese painting.

  18. Such a fun post Chris, a hummer with the runs is certainly not something you catch everyday haha!..going up now to check out today's matinee!

  19. Good actors, good director of photography!


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