Friday, August 31, 2012

Magical 'Shrooms

The end of August usually symbolizes the end of monsoon.  Let's gently exit awhile more throughout the month of September before we witness fall in the desert.  Everyone is heading home now.  Will I find more hummingbirds, owls, coyotes, and other rarities in our Sonoran desert?  Stay tuned throughout the month of September and find out:) For now, I leave you with mushrooms from our El Presidio garden after a rain storm.
Softly they come
thumbing up from
firm ground
protruding unharmed.
Easily crumbled
and yet
Coprinus fimetarius
how they shouldered
the leaf and mold
aside, rising
breathing obscurely,
still as stone.
By the slumping log,
by the dappled aspen,
they grow alone.
A dumb eloquence
seems their trade.
Like hooded monks
in a sacred wood
they say:

Tomorrow we are gone.
Poem By Jane Whitledge(Morel Mushrooms)
Pics by Rohrerbot at El Presidio Gardens(taken during monsoon)
Mushroom ID: Coprinus fimetarius
And....more tomorrow:)


  1. It was often the end of the monsoon season when I would collect my richest find of matured mycorrhizal truffles for future soil inoculation. Incredibly all of this has been known for centuries by native indigenous peoples around the Earth and yet the majority of science is still skeptical of this as some sort of myth that their superior intellects reject. The degraded condition of our planet proves the truthfulness of what science truly doesn't know.


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    1. Bob you've been slacking lately. Generally you're the first poster on Chris' comment boards. Previously I was beginning to think you had some sort of internet technology that set off alarms through the speakers and a voice saying, "Chris just posted"

      I can't believe I was the first one. Generally with the blogs I follow like Chris, Desert Edge, Eileen and others, they are up around midnight or past and I've actually seen the board menu move in front of my eyes with one of their newer posts. Of course I'm 9 hours ahead of most.

      *smile* - teasing of course!


  3. Muy originales estos champiñones...Diferentes.. El desierto de Sonora debe ser una maravilla.. Siempre me he llamado la atención.. Una vez escribí una historia en la que había una cueva mágica perdida en el desierto de Sonora.. "La cueva del oro" por su color dorado en el interior... jaja.. Ya ves..
    Ciao amigo..

  4. Love the delicate mushrooms pics and beautiful prose, Chris.
    Enjoy your alone-ness adventures in your gorgeous Sonoran dessert once again.
    Have a wonder-filled weekend.

  5. Those mushrooms look so delicate and beautiful - great photos. A wonderful poem too :) Enjoy your weekend!

  6. The mushroom look neat, so many of them clumped together. Great shots, I am hoping to see some more of your hummers. Have a great weekend.

  7. They are so delicate. Who knew fungus could hold such beauty?!

  8. And here I thought you were taking a trip with the magic mushrooms. I hope monsoon is quite over yet.

  9. Wonderful images and ode Chris, I get these at the top of my garden also and they come up you I wonder how, as delicate as they are, they manage to push their way up through all on top!

  10. Wonderful! And in answer to your was the cats, ha! I'll take your kitties any day! :)

  11. what cute little mushrooms!

    you know we have such a vast variety ones popping up every day! i'm on mushroom overload when it comes to pictures!

    i like to see the 'shrooms growing in OTHER people's yards! ha!

  12. A perfect poem to accompany your photos! They are so delicate looking. Happy Friday! Here comes the three day weekend. Get your dancing shoes on and party.

  13. I like the poems and the mushroom photos. Great!

  14. I hope you get a rare Hummer stop by this Autumn Chris, what a boost it will be for you :-)

  15. the same revenge, that makes a green seedling rise up on our gravel paths. Despite the stomping gardener's boots passing that way. (revenge, as in - so I put the car into revenge!)

  16. Mushrooms are mysterious creatures. They just appear! You have managed to create a quite special little habitat in that garden or yours. Good for you.

  17. Oh that's a lot of wild fungi, very lovely for the lens. I love shooting them too but i haven't seen here that plenty. Aye friend Kreesh, now whenever I see mushroom even the wild or the supermarket type, I feel a subconscious trauma, you know what I mean I am sure! It is just so recent!

  18. Love your 'shrooms, Chris... (Did I tell you that I have a grandson named Chris? Are you Christopher or Christian??? My grand is Christopher.

    AND---I love your header. AWESOME.

    Have a great weekend.

  19. Gorgeous mushroom forest, or so it would appear to a fairy... The poem is simply perfect!

  20. Are that mashrooms really "magical"?)))
    did you enjoy all the magic of it?
    Pictures are very interesting

    xoxo, Juliana

  21. Fantastic mushrooms and great shots too.


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